Monday, August 27, 2007

Fav things for today

A couple of funnies first. Yesterday we went grocery shopping with Dad. Todd got two packages of fresh green beans, and promptly put them into someone else's shopping cart. I told him, "That's not our cart!" and moved them into our cart. The two of us just stood there laughing for a while, like goons. Then my dad said, "You two can find humor in anything". It's true! Then, we separated our groceries from my dad's and we checked out first. Then we waited for my dad to check out, and in the mean time, Todd was putting dad's grocery bags into our joint cart. The cashier thought Todd was stealing my dad's groceries! That was super-funny and the three of us laughed for minutes after that, like goons again.

Some of my favorite things today:
  • Endangered Species dark chocolates. My friend Minnie introduced me to them and I especially love the Dark Chocolate with Deep Forest Mint. Very yummy and now you can get them at TARGET! I just discovered this on Saturday!
  • New notebooks and pens at Back to School sales. I know, I'm not going back to school, but that doesn't mean I can't take advantage of the sales. I have a soft spot for notebooks and pens.
  • My new arm band for running with my iPod Nano. I had one but it was too big for my small arms and kept slipping off. This one fits.
  • New Bon Jovi CD Lost Highway
  • The Belgian hot chocolate at Belgium Frie. Can't wait for cooler weather!
  • Free Photoshop actions by Natasha Whiteley. If you have Photoshop you can download these for free and play with them. These are the results with this Kauai vacation photo. Pretty cool huh?


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  2. Sketch action is my favorite. Has that Ah-Ha look :)


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