Wednesday, August 29, 2007

busy week

Yesterday went to work and got lots done, so that was cool. After work we went to Miramar Lake to run/rollerblade. Now that the lake goes all the way around for 5 miles, I always feel like I HAVE to go 5 miles. Because what are ya gonna do after you already run 2.5 miles, halfway around??? If you turn around, it's 5 miles. If you keep going, it's 5 miles. You're pretty much stuck with 5 miles! LOL! So I ran the 5 miles. Afterwards we went to In-N-Out Burger and made the calories come back. So yummy though. Today I found out at work that I have to start working on the 2008 budgets already. How fun. Todd and I worked virtual. So, for lunch, we went to Round Table Pizza for the free buffet. Yes, FREE! They handed us coupons at work for a free lunch buffet, as long as you purchase a drink. Later tonight we're bringing dinner to our friends Mike & Barbara. That should be a good time. Yesterday Tara Whitney showed some photos of our photo shoot on her blog here. Read other people's comments below, they're hilarious! I've been studying up the manual for our Canon PowerShot S2 IS. I'm going to try to shoot some photos in manual mode soon. I have no pictures or scrap pages to show today. Because I've been working. Yea, you know, the stuff I do that has to do with numbers that people actually pay me to do?


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