Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Between 60 and 80

I know I'm blessed. I've been watching the weather reports lately and know that everywhere else is having a heat wave. Or heavy rain. Or tornadoes. Or floods. Where I live the day time average highs are between 60 in the winter and 80 in the summer. I have nothing to complain about. I love the weather here and it's worth every penny we pay to live here! :-)

Let's see... after we last talked, I've done the following:
  • Went to up visit my dad Friday night. Sat. morning Todd & I went for a walk around the neighborhood and coaxed Rocky the dog to put his face over the fence and say hi to us. Rocky is so cute. Then we had lunch with Dad at Yi Tao Long, followed by Taiwanese shaved ice. Yum! Then we hung out at Dad's until he had to go to a wedding at 3 pm. We left and went to Super Walmart, where Todd stocked up on popcorn. Then we headed to the shopping mall at Dos Lagos. It's brand-new, but it' looked bigger from the freeway. It actually wasn't that big. It was so hot out there too! We ended up going from air-conditioned store to store, and finally bought some chocolate covered caramels at Rocky Mountain Chocolate and then left. Had quick dinner at Chick-Fil-A and then went home.
  • On Sunday we ran 3.1 miles just around our own neighborhood. We also went to Del Mar for lunch at the Pacifica Breeze. There were lots of cute dogs there, because the outdoor dining allowed dogs, so I ended up looking at all the dogs. I had a Japanese clam chowder, which had shiitaki mushrooms in it, and a Greek salad. Todd had fish tacos. After that we had a chai smoothie at Java Kai.

  • Yesterday we left work early and went to Sea World for their night time shows. We've been wanting to do that but we didn't want to go on the weekends due to the huge summer tourist crowds. It was still crowded last night though. We went to see the sea otters first. I had seen the rescued baby sea otter on the TV news, and wondered if we would get to see her at all. Lo and behold, there was a sign to the baby sea otter nursery! We followed it and saw the baby otter! I was so excited and stayed there and watched her for a long time. We also went to the Manatee exhibit, where I saw the huge manatees swim around. This was the most active I had ever seen them. Usually they just float around the water and they don't move much, but last night they swam around the tank quite a bit. We saw the Pets Rule show and the Shamu Rocks show (only at night). We also purchased two toy sharks, which I've been playing with quite a bit! It was really fun.


  1. The forecast for St. Louis: sunny and 103 degrees!

  2. hi christine :) just wanted to let you know william has been swamped at his new job (started may). he's not on IM anymore b/c they don't allow it. so he's been pretty disconnected for the past 2 months while he's getting settled in. but he finally feels like he can relax a little. so he should be back to commenting in the next month.
    i also wanted to ask which program you use to get that cool 3-D effect on your pics. really cool - i would love to do that to some of my pics!


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