Monday, August 6, 2007

Digi hoarder

I've been hoarding dig-scrapping products for two weeks now. I plan to do lots of scrapping after the hoarding phase. Especially after we get our pictures from Tara Whitney! So excited for that! Let's see, what have we been up to?
  • Last Saturday 7/28 we drove up to LA to see my dad. It was his birthday, so we took him out to lunch at a fabulous Chinese restaurant on Azusa Ave called Earthen. We had to wait about 20 minutes to get seated due to the popularity and small size of the restaurant. We ordered green onion pancakes, beef noodle soup, a cold salad dish with julianned veggies, shrimps, abalone, sea cucumber, etc., mongolian beef, and something else I can't remember. It was all yummy.
  • Then later that day, we went to Drew and Jade's house. They had a potluck/BBQ in honor of Dad's birthday. It was really fun. They also ordered a really yummy birthday cake from a Chinese bakery.
  • Dad got to open his birthday gifts from us. We got him a button-up shirt, some slacks, and some tan Sperry Top-Sider shoes.
  • Last Sunday 7/29 we left Dad's house and drove down the 15 to Temecula to AJ & Meera's baby shower at AJ's mom Marilyn's house. Her home was gorgeous, and she had yummy Filipino food catered. I had lots of lumpia. :-) We played pool, and some of the kids went out into the pool too. Meera was VERY surprised and it was fun to meet her family, finally!
  • I went to cardio workout at the gym at work twice last week.
  • Then Friday night 8/3 we had Brandon and Priscilla over for dinner. Todd cooked a summer pasta salad with grilled chicken, green beans, red peppers, penne, etc. And a side-dish of balsamic-butter asparagus. For dessert we had Haggen Das chocolate covered ice cream bars. Brandon & Priscilla were so funny and we were so entertained!
  • On Saturday Todd and I went running in Cardiff/Encinitas. Then we got a raspberry almond pastry at Seaside Market (so yummy!). Then pizza at Bon Jiorno's. Then we did some house work (not so fun). After that we ate some leftovers and went to Carmel Mountain. We looked around Michaels (didn't buy anything), then got a blueberry pomegranate iced blended from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Then we headed to Hot Java Cafe and listened to Aaron Bowen sing. Then we came home and watched "Flushed Away" on DVD. (Cartoon about mice.)
  • Yesterday we had lunch at Chili's, then we stopped by World Market. They have such cute notebooks (full of monkeys!) and wrapping papers there. Then we stopped by the Sprint store to see what the deals are on new phones, because our 2-year contract has expired. We compared prices and got a better deal on their internet site, so we went home to order it. Unfortunately, we kept getting errors on their website. No matter what we could not order the phones online and get the web special prices. Todd spent 2 hours on the phone with Sprint and got nowhere (sad), so he went back to the store and got the phones there. So now I have a new pink phone.


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