Monday, August 20, 2007

Dog days of August

This might have been the warmest weekend this year for San Diego! Don't get me wrong, high 80's is still quite comfy compared to the rest of you out there, but it's hot relatively for SD. We had to turn the A/C on for about 4 hours each day, maybe more if we're in the house all afternoon. Usually by 7 pm we can turn off the A/C and open the windows though. The water temperature at the beach reached 77 degrees! Someone said that hasn't happened here in over 30 years. Yikes.

Let's see... let's step back a few days. Todd played music with Kim Divine at Lestat's last Wednesday night. He saw pirates there. Seriously, these people were dressed up like pirates, with swords and everything. Weird goth people always hang out at Lestat's. One of them even said they "hate blonde people" right in front of Todd! After Todd came home we saw our DVR of "So You Think You Can Dance". We'd been watching it all season and wanted to see the finale. I'm glad Sabra won cuz I was rooting for her, even though I like Danny and Neil too.

Thursday evening we went to the Taste of Encinitas with our good friends AJ & Meera. I'd have to say that this "Taste Of" wasn't as good as the Taste of Gaslamp or the Taste of Hillcrest. The food was pretty normal and nothing spectacular. But it was fun to walk around, hang out with friends, and people-watch.

Friday night we went to dinner at Little Tokyo's. I had a sushi combo meal with tempura shrimp and veggies, and Todd had a chicken salad. Then we went and hung out at Borders for a while.

Sat. morning we went running in Encinitas. We ran about 3 miles and it was totally hot and humid (for San Diego). Afterwards we ate brunch at Beach City Cafe, our favorite. They tried to skimp me on the potatoes so Todd asked for more. ;-p Then we came home and did some chores and watched some pre-season football. We went to dinner at Taste of Scheschuan in Hillcrest and it was yummy. We had never gone there for dinner before, but had a taste at the Taste of Hillcrest. I had House Panfried Noodles and Todd had fried cod. Then, we went to the coolest little theatre in Mission Hills called Cinema Under the Stars. We saw "North by Northwest" with Cary Grant there. The whole experience was really cool and I'd do it again. The only problem is that it's very small, so it sells out very fast. When we went to buy the tickets at 6 pm, they only had 12 tickets left! And the movie didn't even start until 8:30 pm!

Sunday afternoon we went to Todd's boss John's house in Escondido for a BBQ. They had Rotisserie Affair cater the party. They had a HUGE rotisserie there filled with chickens and pork loins. It was yummy and we had fun hanging out with Todd's coworkers. Todd make homemade Chewy Chocolate-Cherry Cookies and it was a big hit. Recipe is below if you wanna try it out yourself.

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