Thursday, April 12, 2007

Padres vs Giants

Last night Sally got tickets to the Padres game versus the Giants from her company. They were $38 field level seats! I took our big zoom camera there and took some cool pics. Padres won 4-0. Barry Bonds came within a few feet of hitting a really long home run to centerfield. Check out this picture I got of Barry Bonds! We brought our own food from Mama's Lebanese Deli in North Park (yum!), but going to the ballpark reminds me of hotdogs, nachos, sausages, etc. I found this list of best ballpark foods across the country. Yea! The fish tacos at Petco Park ranked #8! Woo hoo! Here's another take on ballpark foods from USA Today. Obviously, I haven't eaten everything at every ball park I've ever been to. I'd love to go to AT&T Park in SF and get the garlic fries! (Note to self, put on this summer's to-do list...) Hmm, I just realized after looking at these pics, that Todd, Sally, and I all wore "Padre blue"! We didn't even plan it!


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