Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Over the weekend, while visiting my dad, I went to Nordstrom Rack and found a pair of Lucky Brand Jeans for $40. I tried on one size bigger than my normal size, because I've gained 3 lbs in the last two months. I had spent some time "emotional-eating" after my mom passed away. Now that I've gained 3 lbs, I'm more careful with what I eat again. I'm not fat by any stretch of the imagination, but this is my "fat" period, nevertheless. I'm still within my range of acceptable weight, which is 115 lbs +-3lbs. But when I'm at the lower end of the range, I feel the most energetic and athletic. Anyways, the Lucky Jeans fit, but a little loosely. It was a good deal for Lucky Brand jeans, and they didn't have my normal size anyways, so I bought it. I wore it today and I felt SO skinny. So the secret to feeling thin is to buy bigger pants! Wonderpants I tell ya! Ha ha. Of course, I can't keep buying bigger and bigger pants just to feel thin. I know with healthy eating and my regular exercise schedule, I'll be back at my "good" weight in a few weeks.


  1. ha!

    check out "vanity" sizing...a trend where clothes maker are labeling their stuff as to make it not so harsh.

    i.e. a large shirt is actually XL a few years ago, and it's even worse for ladies I heard (from Catherine who shops a lot.)

    So for me, a regular L t-shirt now is too big and baggy and I'm down to medium. Makes me feel "thinner" I guess...hahaha

    anyways...3 lbs will zip away after your marathon training!

  2. I noticed the "vanity sizing" a few years ago too. Makes me wonder how a small person can get clothes anymore. Do they have negative sizes???


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