Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Running the AFC Half

Todd and I are planning to run the America's Finest City Half Marathon in August. He's never run more than maybe 5 miles. I've done the whole 26.2 mile marathon, but it's been 6 years and since then I've only run 5K races. So we'll be starting at about the same place. Training will be 3.5 months starting in May. I got a weekly training schedule from Runner's World and we'll be following that. I'm looking forward to running it because the course is beautiful and scenic. I also found a website where you can plan out running routes and it tells you exactly how many miles it is. And if you put in your current weight, it'll also tell you how many calories you'll burn for the run based on the mileage. It is so cool and I've been playing with it to plan out some running routes. You can save your routes by the way. I've also mapped out some of my regular running routes and now I know the exact mileage. Isn't the web fun? You stumble onto all kinds of cool stuff.


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