Tuesday, April 10, 2007

SD's Ethnic Dining Scene

The Belgian Frie? A restaurant specializing in Belgian "french" fries??? Being a connosseiur of french fries, it will be my sworn duty to check out this french fry restaurant in PB to make sure it's okay for everyone. ;-p I've said more than once that I love food. There are many new ethnic restaurants opening in San Diego. We're going to the annual Taste of Hillcrest again in a couple of weeks. We've gone for a few years now and it's a great way to sample all the great restaurants in Hillcrest. This KPBS webcast describes the SD ethnic restaurant scene, and profiles many ethnic (Belgian, Moroccan, Australian, Ethiopian, French, Afghan, Turkish, Vietnamese, etc.) restaurants.

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  1. This is Steve from Dayton. How many Steves from Dayton do you know? Anyway, first time to the site, and enjoy it a lot. Gotta be in RB in mid-May, let's check out an ethnic restaurant together, eh?


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