Sunday, January 28, 2018

Making Me Happy This Week–1/28/2018

20180126-2018-01-26 11.36.33_blog

^What it looks like when I take 10 minute walking breaks outside my building at work, in the courtyard.  It makes me happy.

One thing that I’ve been doing for a couple of years in my paper notebook is making a sort-of-weekly list of things that are “Making Me Happy This Week”.  I thought I would start sharing them here on the blog, because we could all use some reminder of what makes us happy.  Maybe it will inspire you to make your own list regularly. 

Here’s what’s been making me happy this week.

  • Monday day off – it was my first day off in 2018.  I went to Target and Burger Lounge by myself and it was glorious!  (No, I don’t mind eating by myself at a restaurant at all!)20180122-2018-01-22 13.50.58_blog
  • Using the Matsumoto Shave Ice shopping bag that my friend Patsy gave me.  For those not in California, we have a law that you either have to bring your own shopping bags to grocery/retail stores, or you get charged 5 cents per bag.  We’ve actually been bringing our own reusable bags for years, but the law went into effect about a year ago.20180122-2018-01-22 11.35.33_blog
  • Giving Todd the clip-on fan for his too-warm new workspace at work, and him loving it.
  • Restaurant Week dinner on Tuesday night at Avant in Rancho Bernardo Inn.  My lobster dish was so good!20180123-2018-01-23 18.49.01_blog
  • Organizing the pantry and snack cabinet.  Read the full post about it here.20180127-2018-01-27 14.39.52_blog
  • My new letterboard that I bought from Target for $15.  I used these 3M command hooks to hang it up against a cabinet in my home office.20180124-2018-01-24 10.24.40_blog
  • This Glade wax warmer I got from Target.  I have leftover scented wax melts and now I can use this in another room!20180127-2018-01-27 08.55.34_blog
  • Getting an unexpected handmade card from an awesome friend, with heartfelt words.  What could be better?  Nothing.20180124-2018-01-24 16.16.05_blog
  • Cozy scenes at home, like this one.20180124-2018-01-24 20.16.47_blog
  • Watching Victoria season 1 on Amazon Prime streaming (PBS Masterpiece).
  • My new rechargeable clip-on light for reading in my recliner!  We have canned ceiling lights in the family room, but there isn’t a canned light located above my recliner.  This clip on light solves the problem when I want to read a physical book or magazine rather than my Kindle.  (And oh yea, using a Raskog cart as a side table is AWESOME.  I put my remotes, drink, ipad, laptop, coloring books, pens, notebooks, etc. in there.)20180127-2018-01-27 08.58.32_blog
  • Todd’s new over-the-door hook for his backpack on the office door.  He had been just laying it on the floor and this is much better!20180127-2018-01-27 15.54.18_blog
  • Noodle loving the pot roast that Todd made and begging for more, ha ha.  (We only gave him a taste.)
  • 20180127-2018-01-27 18.14.19_blog


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