Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Favorites | Part 1

While some parts of 2017 weren’t so great, others were truly satisfying and awesome.  That’s how life is, isn’t it?  I wanted to a few posts to document my favorite moments, things, experiences in 2017.

Favorite Home Improvement:  Installing Solar Panels

Going to solar power was the best thing we’ve ever done for our house.  Our electric bills went from over $200/month to $11/month.  Most months we generated more into the grid than we used.  And it’s clean energy.  We truly love it.  We wish we had done it sooner, but this year seemed to be the sweet spot between price and performance.  After all, we live in sunny San Diego!  Why did we wait so long to get solar power??

20170208-2017-02-08 08.50.35_blog

20170301-2017-03-01 08.52.35_blog

Favorite Birthday Celebration:  Todd’s, AND mine! 

This was a tie.  Winking smile

Todd’s was in Feb and we went to URBN Pizza and Extraordinary Desserts.

20170205-2017-02-05 18.36.11_blog

Mine was in March and we went to Urban Solace.

20170311-2017-03-11 18.44.26_blog

Favorite Reunion with College Roommate:  Jill

In February we reunited with my college roommate of 5 years, my Jillie Beane.  She was in SD for a conference and we had dinner at Puesto.

20170209-2017-02-09 19.27.24_blog

Favorite Cat in a Bed:  Noodle


20170213-2017-02-13 09.11.47_blog

Favorite New Ice Cream Discovery:  Creamistry

This one is dangerous.  So good and so close to our house.

20170221-2017-02-21 13.58.53_blog

Favorite Concert Venue:  San Diego Civic Theater

We went to see the San Diego Symphony in February.  It was great!

20170223-2017-02-23 19.24.19_blog

Favorite Twinning:  Me & Todd

Wearing the same outfit, basically.  Open-mouthed smile

20170331-2017-03-31 09.09.21_blog

Favorite Work Improvement:  Remodeled Balcony

Lunch (or chocolate) breaks will never be the same again.

20170331-2017-03-31 12.54.08_blog

Favorite Aerial Shot:  Flying into Oahu

Our plane had to turn around after almost landing, so we circled around the island and I got fantastic aerial shots.

20170415-2017-04-15 14.32.46_blog

Favorite Newman Family Photo:  In front of Manoa Falls, Oahu

20170419-2017-04-19 11.11.35_blog

Favorite Reunion with High School Friend:  Lara

Had lunch with lara and her family in Honolulu right before leaving the island.

20170422-2017-04-22 13.03.56_blog

Favorite Beach Selfie:  Ocean Beach

We hadn’t been to OB in years.  It was so fun to re-explore!

20170430-2017-04-30 13.40.54_blog

Favorite Last Dinner with Friends:  Dejah & Roby

They moved to Key West.  Sniff.

20170518-2017-05-18 19.15.50_blog

Favorite New Clothing Item:  J Crew striped sweater

It just makes me happy every time I wore it.

20170610-2017-06-10 09.23.23_blog

Favorite Blurry Selfie:  At the Poison / Def Leppard concert.

Because Poison. Every rose has its thorn. 

20170616-2017-06-16 20.12.49_blog

Because Def Leppard.  Pour some sugar on me.

20170618-2017-06-17 17.12.45_blog

Favorite New Talent:  Putting outfits together.


To be continued…


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