Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Favorites | Part 2

Part 1 here

Favorite Todd Costume:  T-Rex

I love the little arms, ha ha!

20170617-2017-06-17 15.33.24_blog

Favorite Anniversary Dinner:  Roy’s

20170625-2017-06-25 19.29.03_blog

Favorite Fireworks Photo:  July 3rd at our local high school.

20170703-2017-07-03 21.06.54_blog

Favorite Gift Received:  What I love About Us book from Todd.

For our 23rd anniversary, Todd gave me the most awesome and precious gift that I will treasure forever. A little book of what he loves about us. He filled in the blanks of all 50 pages/reasons that he loves about us as a couple. It is awesome & creative, and must have taken him some time to fill them all in. It really was the best gift!

20170708-2017-07-08 11.48.38-2_blog

Favorite Noodle Birthday Photo:  Eating birthday tuna and licking lips.

20170714-2017-07-14 20.02.56_blog

Favorite Imitation of a Cheerleader:  My big jump for joy when I went on leave from work for 10 weeks.

20170715-2017-07-14 18.06.28-3_blog

Favorite Book Series I Finally Started Reading:  Harry Potter

20170718-2017-07-18 10.40.16_blog

Favorite Live Sporting Event:  Todd’s summer softball league.

20170719-2017-07-19 17.54.49_blog

Favorite Library Cards:  Special Comic Con library cards.

20170722-2017-07-22 16.05.51_blog

Favorite Workout Program:  Walk Strong

I talked about it here.  I loved doing it 2x for 12 weeks.  I’m starting Walk Strong 3.

20170724-2017-07-24 07.37.58_blog

Favorite Impromptu Lunch:  With Pearl, during my leave.

20170727-2017-07-27 13.16.26_blog

Favorite New Getaway:  Big Bear Lake

See full post here.

20170804-2017-08-04 08.35.54_blog

Favorite Happy Beach Selfie with Friends:  Sally and her kids.

20170806-2017-08-06 09.41.13_blog

Favorite New Trail:  the one right by our house that I didn’t know about!

20170813-2017-08-13 19.18.58_blog

Favorite Hair Change:  Letting my grays grow out, and pink highlights.

20170816-2017-08-16 16.33.20_blog

Favorite Eclipse Viewing Hack:  Colander

20170821-2017-08-21 10.22.36_blog

Favorite College Football watch party:  with Anne & Gilbert

20170831-2017-08-31 17.58.15_blog

Favorite Noodle & Todd photo:  Only one on the lap at a time!

20170903-2017-09-03 14.01.40_blog

Favorite Dessert Forever & Ever:  Truffe Framboise at Extraordinary Desserts.

20170904-2017-09-04 13.33.40_blog

To be continued…


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