Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Favorites | Part 3

See Part 1 and Part 2.

Favorite Photo with My Sister:  In front of a restaurant in Dallas.

Trip report here.

20170914-2017-09-14 13.00.04_blog

Favorite 10 Weeks Ever:  My Leave of Absence from Work

I can’t wait to retire!


Favorite Finish Line:  Todd at the San Diego Tri Classic

20170909-2017-09-09 09.28.24_blog

Favorite Display of Work Friendship:  Sticky notes on my monitor the day I returned to work.

20170925-2017-09-25 08.34.47_blog

Favorite weather:  Sunny & 75

I was able to take a screenshot like this in EACH of the 12 months in 2017!  We do have lows in the 40’s and highs in the 100’s, but that’s rare.  Sunny and 70’s is the norm around here all year.

20170926-2017-09-26 18.02.39_blog

Favorite New-To-Us Restaurant:  Tasty Noodle House

Love the noodles and dumplings there!

20171007-2017-10-07 11.40.48_blog

Favorite Selfie:  I still had my pink highlights, and stumbled on good lighting.

20171018-2017-10-18 12.08.06-2_blog

Favorite Buckeye Football Win:  Big close win vs Penn State.

20171028-2017-10-28 16.24.30_blog

Favorite Todd Selfie:  Riding on the Coronado Bay Bridge

20171111-2017-11-11 07.11.47_blog

Favorite Noodle And Me Selfie:  Hanging Out

20171120-2017-11-20 08.31.04_blog

Favorite Cat Under the Tree:  Noodle

20171128-2017-11-28 21.36.51_blog

20171222-2017-12-22 15.55.57-2_blog

Favorite Christmas Concert:  The Winters, featuring Todd on piano and trumpet!

20171216-2017-12-16 19.32.53_blog

20171217-2017-12-17 08.44.26-2_blog

Favorite Christmas Beach Selfie: 

20171224-2017-12-24 13.29.22_blog

Favorite Imitation of Rudolph The Rednose Reindeer:

20171224-2017-12-24 13.38.04_blog

Favorite Lee Family Selfie with Santa:  In front of Kyoto Buffet on Christmas Day

20171225-2017-12-25 13.29.19_blog

Favorite Gift Given:  Newman family vacation to Oahu photobook, for Christmas

I created a photo book of our April trip to Hawaii with Todd’s family. We gave it to them for Christmas and it was a big hit. Reliving happy memories together really is the best! We had planned this Christmas gift even before the trip, so our secret mission was to take many photos and write down all we did each night while we were there. Todd did the nightly journaling and that really helped to pull the book together in November, 7 months after the trip when we would have forgotten all the details. Very proud of our collaboration on this project and the resulting book!

20180101-2018-01-01 08.43.13_blog

Happy 2018 to you!  Hope to write more memories and content on this blog in 2018.  Thank you for still being here and reading after all these years, even when I took a big crafting hiatus.  I really hope to get back into the craft room in 2018.  Cheers!


  1. Happy New Year! I cannot 2017 is over so quickly.

  2. Happy New Year, Christine. I loved your three part 2017 recap. I think my absolute favorite is the book Todd completed about what he loves about you two as a couple. That was awesome.


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