Sunday, September 17, 2017

Texas, Y’All

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As my leave of absence from work was coming to an end, we took a few days off to visit my sister and her family in Texas.  I haven’t visited since Christmas 2015, so we were excited to see them.  Of course, my nephews grew up quite a bit during that time.

Our plane took off on Wednesday 9/13 in the afternoon.  Todd and I were able to pack everything into one carry-on  and two backpacks!  It felt great to travel light and not have to check bags.  We got to DFW in the evening, but of course it took forever to get to car rental and get out of the airport.  DFW airport is HUUUUGE!  We arrive pretty late at my sister’s house, so we went straight to bed.

The next day (9/14) we woke up at 6am local time.  Boo!  Was hoping we would sleep more, ha!  My sister Joyce and brother-in-law Alex got the kids off to school.  Alex went to work some in the morning.  After Alex came home, the four of us hung out and chatted.  It was so fun!  We had lunch at Ali Baba’s Mediterranean Restaurant.  It was a lunch buffet and super delicious!  I was sad that I was already stuffed after one plate!

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The four of us took a selfie.  What is that, a “wefie”?  Open-mouthed smile

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Then we went back to the house and hung out until the kids came home.  Andrew (my 13 yo nephew) showed us the videos that he has created for his YouTube channel and they were so cool!  Kids nowadays!

We had Pizza Hut and Papa Murphy’s salads for dinner.  Andrew & Todd played Star Wars Battlefront on Xbox One.  They did this a lot while we were there, ha ha.  Todd was Andrew’s video game buddy.  Xander looked on sometimes too.

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The next day (Friday 9/15) we got up after sleeping 8 hours.  So much better!  Todd went to 7-Eleven and McDonald’s and got me iced coffee.  He also got egg McMuffin sandwiches for me and Joyce.  I actually brought my workout DVDs to Texas, so I did a workout in the morning and showered. 

We met up with Alex (who went straight from work) for lunch at Uncle Julio’s.  It was actually quite good!  I had shrimp tacos and enjoyed the mango jicama slaw.

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After lunch we went to Super Target (we don’t have those in San Diego!) and got a wireless X-Box one controller for Andrew, since his controllers are wired.  Then Todd and Alex opened the controller and started playing the NBA game before Andrew even got home, ha ha!

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Of course after Andrew came from from school he played a lot with Uncle Todd.

We went to the Asian Food Court for dinner.  We had biang biang noodles, spicy oil noodles, zha jiang mien, fried dumplings, and wontons for dinner.

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Joyce was a little disappointed that the food vendors have changed there.  But we had a nice dinner anyways.  Who doesn’t love noodles & dumplings??  Even Andrew loved it.

We got the movie “Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2” from Redbox.  I tried to watch it with everyone but fell asleep.  Todd powered through with Andrew.

On Saturday 9/16 we got up around 6:30am.  Todd ate popcorn (his standard breakfast) and went running.  Alex & Joyce made pancakes, sausages, and eggs for breakfast for everyone.  Alex went grocery shopping.  Andrew & Todd played Battlefront again.  Then Joyce, Andrew, Todd, and I hung out on the couches.

I captuioned this photo “The family that looks at their screens together, stays together”.  Ha!  Open-mouthed smile

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For lunch Todd & I went to Papa Murphy’s to get two salads.  Alex made burgers for everyone.  It was yummy!

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In the afternoon we watched the Buckeyes football game vs. Army.  Then we tried to go to Babe’s for fried chicken dinner, but there was an hour wait.  We ended up at Rosati’s and had Italian food for dinner.

On Sunday we got up at 5:50am.  So early!  We quickly got our stuff together and left for the airport.  We got gas and then McDonald’s for breakfast.  We drove to the airport, dropped off the rental car, and got through security to our gate with plenty of time.  After we landed back in San Diego, we went to Point Loma Seafoods for lunch.  It was so yummy.

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Noodle was so excited when we got home!

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It was a great visit to Texas to see my sister and her family.  We loved being with them!  So awesome that we could fit it in before I had to go back to work.  Xander and Andrew are so much older now. 

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