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Fashion | What I Wore

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For this entire year I have been learning how to mix & match clothes and how to wear outfits that look put together.  I have 10.5 months of daily outfits documented in my Stylebook app!  Since I’ve been back to work, these are a sampling of my outfits.  My work is pretty casual and jeans-friendly.  I also work one day a week from home so I’m usually very casual that day.  There are also some weekend outfits in here.

Sleeveless dress, short-sleeve long open cardigan, pendant necklace, peep-toe booties.

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Black tunic, camo jeans, quilted vest, black sandals.

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Black ruched tee, jeans, statement bib necklace, neutral cardigan, leopard loafers.

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Printed colored blouse, gray jeans, cardigan, statement necklace, neutral flats.

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Sleeveless dress, taupe cardigan, statement necklace, booties.

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Striped shirt, bootcut jeans, quilted vest, black booties.

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Gingham dress, quilted vest, pendant necklace, white sneakers.

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Had a hot spell for a week or so in October where it was 95-105 degrees!

Solid neutral tee, neutral shorts, olive utility vest, short pendant necklace, leopard sandals.

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Printed colored shirt, denim skirt, colored sandals.

20171023-2017-10-23 09.23.53_blog

Solid neutral shirt, boyfriend jeans, necklace, pineapple slip on shoes.

20171024-2017-10-24 08.57.32_blog

Solid neutral tank, light wash jeans, gray cardigan, pendant necklace, colored flats.

20171026-2017-10-26 09.21.45_blog

Black tee, jeans, gray utility vest, black flats.

20171027-2017-10-27 08.52.02_blog

First cool day in the fall and I was excited to wear long sleeves and quilted puffer vest!

20171028-2017-10-28 09.55.23_blog

Printed colored shirt, quilted vest, bootcut jeans, booties, long pendant necklace.

20171030-2017-10-30 11.21.20_blog

Dark gray hoodie, olive tomgirl jeans, camo puffer vest, black booties.

20171031-2017-10-31 08.44.33_blog

Camo tee, dark olive jeans, black cardigan, statement necklace, black booties.

20171103-2017-11-03 09.10.08_blog

Ohio State hoodie, quilted vest, jeans.

20171104-2017-11-04 10.50.27_blog

Striped hoodie dress, olive utility vest, necklace, black riding boots.

20171106-2017-11-06 08.43.43_blog

Rainbow sweater, navy quilted vest, jeans.  (Hadn’t figured out the shoes yet!)  This is one of my favorite outfits.  I love how the colorful sweater makes me happy.

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If you hadn’t figured it out yet, I really LOVE vests!  Since I live in a warmer climate, I don’t really need jackets.  Vests are the perfect completer piece for me.

I didn’t take a photo of my outfits every day, but I do have all my outfits documented in Stylebook.

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  1. Christine, thank you for posting about the Putting Me Together blog and challenge last year. I joined this fall's PMT challenge and LOVED it. Finally I have pieces that mix and match well. I didn't have to spend a lot - just wisely on a few key pieces. For me cardigans are the key completer piece because it's chilly in Boston! Especially in my office.


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