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The One With November Life in Pictures

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I wasn’t very good with writing personal blog posts in November.  Life was very busy and I just wasn’t motivated.  Here’s a look back at November.

We Cooked:

We actually cook at home on weeknights quite a bit.  I just always forget to take photos, especially if it’s not a new dish/recipe.  Two favorites from November were Swedish Meatballs (made with chicken!) and Tuscan Potato Soup

20141124-2014-11-24 18.51.55_blog

The Tuscan Potato Soup is actually better than the Zuppa Toscana at Olive Garden.

20141128-2014-11-28 18.26.34_blog


We Ate Out:

11/9 In-N-Out Burger


11/13 Mister Falafel with Dejah & Roby


20141113-2014-11-13 19.21.04_blog

11/18 IKEA Café – I took a long lunch from work so I could drive down to IKEA and buy some Kassett boxes to finish organizing our DVDs into the shelves in the family room.  While there I had to have the Swedish meatball plate.

20141118-2014-11-18 11.38.15_blog

11/20 Tofu House – Todd took me there for dinner to celebrate this annual audit being over for me at work.  This annual audit is a huge pain in the ass and I was so glad it was over for this year.

20141120-2014-11-20 18.25.09_blog

I love the little side dishes that you get at Korean restaurants!

20141120-2014-11-20 18.14.17_blog

20141120-2014-11-20 18.25.17_blog

My tofu with beef and mushrooms!

20141120-2014-11-20 18.25.00_blog

11/21 Bites of Boston – I had lunch there because I felt like eating a lobster roll.  The special of the day was lobster BLT, how could I resist?

20141121-2014-11-21 12.36.38_blog

11/27 Pacifica Del Mar – Todd and I usually have our Thanksgiving meal at Pacifica Del Mar if we’re in town alone.  This Thanksgiving it was 82 degrees at the beach and we were lucky to have this awesome outing!  Thanksgiving turkey with an ocean view.

20141127-2014-11-27 12.30.21_blog

20141127-2014-11-27 12.31.00_blog

Not bad spending Thanksgiving at the beach with shorts on.

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11/28 Mama’s Lebanese Bakery – took a break from turkey for some Labanese!

20141128-2014-11-28 11.38.28_blog

20141128-2014-11-28 11.38.12_blog

Afterwards we had gelato at Papalecco’s.  Todd had nutella and I had chocolate PB.

20141128-2014-11-28 12.18.48_blog

11/30 Carnitas Snack Shack – ending the month on a piggish note. 

Beet Terrine

20141130-2014-11-30 12.12.18_blog

Triple Threat:  pull pork, pork schnitzel, and bacon.

20141130-2014-11-30 12.12.30_blog


Todd’s Outings:

Todd continues to enjoy the clubs where he works.  The Chamber Music Club had a Sunday meetup on 11/16, where they played Brahms piano quartet #1 in G Minor Opus 25.  Todd played the 3rd and 4th movements on piano.



11/25 - Todd went with the Swing Dance Club on a weeknight outing to the Atomic Ballroom in Irvine.  He really enjoyed it, although he says most of his dance partners were better than him.  On this night it was the Lindy Hop.




We went running at the lake after a long while of not running at the lake.  It was a beautiful day on Sun 11/23.

20141123-2014-11-23 09.37.38_blog

I ran 3.5 miles and took it at an easy pace.

20141123-2014-11-23 10.20.20-1_blog

Speaking of beautiful days… San Diego has been one of the few areas in the country where we were not hit with any foul polar weather.

20141113-2014-11-13 06.44.48_blog

And this from our local news station really cracked me up.  Come on, even I know that this was NOT cold compared with the rest of the country.



Crafty Stuffs:

On Tuesday night 11/18 Pearl came over to hang out and check out my newest scrapbook projects.  The sad thing is we forgot to take even one photo together!

A fun announcement on Elle’s Studio blog and Instagram about their Celebrate December daily inspiration on their blog.  Look who is participating!


I got some new inks from Studio Calico.  I’ve already used them quite a bit!

20141121-2014-11-21 10.43.27_blog

Sneak peek of my 2014 handmade holiday cards.  I’ve been working on them for a few weeks already!

20141124-2014-11-24 09.34.14_blog

Another sneak of something I’m making for our Elf Party.

20141121-2014-11-21 16.21.57-1_blog

Sneak of a Project Life spread that will be on the Paper Issues blog and my blog tomorrow.


Sneak of a layout for One Little Bird using her collection Gossamer Blue, coming later this week.


Sneak of an upcoming layout for Paper Issues.

20141129-2014-11-29 17.24.37_blog

And lastly, sneak of an upcoming layout for Evalicious.



Where in the world is Noodle?

On the stairs waiting for me to come down in the morning.

20141110-2014-11-10 10.31.06_blog

Under a blanket watching football.

20141115-2014-11-15 11.01.31_blog

20141115-2014-11-15 11.02.43-1_blog

On the ground, asking for belly rubs.  We found out he’s 15 lbs now and he is on rationed food portions now so he could lose some weight.  Poor Noodle!

20141121-2014-11-21 10.21.48_blog

On the DISH receiver.  I bought him a heated bed last year and he wouldn’t use it.  I ended up giving it to Peppermint so Mo could use it.  Then Noodle goes and sleeps on appliances.  Silly cat.

20141122-2014-11-22 07.25.02_blog

Snuggling on the chair with Todd.  Nothing cute to see here at all!



Sleeping on Todd while we watched TV.

20141128-2014-11-28 21.45.45_blog

And… under the table while we watched football.  This one really cracked me up!

20141129-2014-11-29 09.54.54_blog

And that was November!


  1. I love reading about your month, and Noodle is more adorable than ever!

  2. Your Christmas cards are awesome!! I am looking forward to your post for Elle's Studio!

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