Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Elf Party Invites + Free Download

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Our annual Elf Party is coming up in early December. 

We didn’t have it in 2013 due to our vacation to Hawaii, but this year Elf Party IV will be back!  This past weekend I made some invitations for the party.  I wanted to hand-letter my favorite quote from the Elf movie, so I drew some pencil lines and sketched out my lettering in pencil first.  Then I went over it with my Sakura Micron pens.

20141115-2014-11-15 09.59.55_blog

After I erased my pencil marks and fixed up my lettering a little more with my Microns, I was happy with what I had.

20141115-2014-11-15 10.42.36-1_blog

I scanned it and then pulled it up into Adobe Illustrator to digitize the lettering.  I used the Live Trace function to digitize it.  Then I changed the colors of the digitized lettering for my invitations.


I printed them onto matte photo paper in A2 size. 

20141115-2014-11-15 15.59.00-1_blog

I trimmed them and adhered them to red cardstock.

20141115-2014-11-15 17.18.36_blog

20141115-2014-11-15 17.18.12_blog

I was pretty happy with how they turned out!  Not bad for a Saturday’s work!  I’ve sent out the invitations to our Elf Party friends.  Now I need to get started on my party favors!

If you like this digitized version of my hand-lettering…


I’ve made some downloadable printables for you!  Please remember it’s for personal-use only and not for resale in any form.  You can download them here:  3x4, 4x6, 8.5x11

Enjoy! :-)


  1. Thanks! This will be super cute in my holiday book this year :)

  2. thanks so much for this, I have printed it off already and looking forward to placing it in my album. Great idea for a party, hmmmm may need to try that.

  3. This is awesome, thank you for sharing!

  4. Thank you! I really want to throw an Ugly Sweater party or Elf party. I love your parties! Sigh, I should have been your neighbor! We would have been able to craft and have these fun type parties together :( lol! Thanks again for the freebies!

  5. This printable is awesome! Thank you for sharing it - I'm excited to put it to use in December Daily!

  6. thank you -so cute! would love to hear more about what happens at the elf party - I think we might need to have one.

  7. This is SO cute! Love Elf! this certainly puts me in the mood for Christmas! Thanks Christine!

  8. My favorite Christmas movie! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks for sharing! I love this quote!

  10. SQUEEAL! I loved the hand lettering the first moment I saw it on FB! Can't wait to hear all about the party..

  11. Wow, your writing is beautiful. Thank you for sharing as a download. :)


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