Monday, November 10, 2014

New Home For My Albums

I’ve picked a random winner for my Gramercy Road scrapbook collection giveaway.  I’ve updated the original post, so please check to see if you’re the winner. (Especially if your name is Pearl.)

I’ve been wanting to relocate my scrapbook albums and photo albums into the family room for a while now.  Most of my photos and scrapbook albums were in my craft studio.  But nobody ever goes in there except for me, so nobody ever looked at my scrapbooks.  I also wanted to consolidate photo albums and photo boxes into the same place as the scrapbook albums.  I wanted them to live in the family room where people could look at the albums when they come visit.  Plus, the albums were taking up precious space in the craft studio, where I could store more supplies!  ;-)  So we decided to find some new shelves from IKEA for the family room.  Here’s where the old media shelves were.


I actually brought an empty 12x12 We R Memory Keepers album to IKEA so I could try out different shelves.  The albums are actually 15” wide, which makes it quite difficult to fit onto shelves.  The shelves needed to be really deep.  The only two shelves we found that fit the albums were the Kallax (the descendent of the Expedit) and the Besta.  The Besta only fit if you do not put doors on the shelves.  We ended up buy two Besta shelves.


Now I can use the space freed up in my craft studio, and I have more room for albums downstairs!  Yay!

This past Saturday (11/8) we met up with Todd’s work friends Jon and Kameran for lunch at Santouka ramen.  It was my first time meeting them and we had fun chatting and eating.  Jon is the one who started the swing dance club at Todd’s work.


After lunch we stumbled upon some Japanese frozen yogurt. This was black sesame.  It was really good!

20141108-2014-11-08 13.12.54_blog

Speaking of Todd’s work… a photo from the Red Pants Club meeting last Thursday.


Todd started a Red Pants Club where every first Thursday of the month they all wear red pants. In fact, one of the club members has friends at Facebook (the company) and they took on Todd’s idea and have a red pants club of their own now!  In the above photo they are standing in front of the company’s wall of patents.  It’s a genetic sequencing company, thus the “Innovation is in our DNA”.

One of my go-to breakfasts is steel-cut oats with some PB2 powder, milk, banana slices, and some nuts.  Super-good!

20141105-2014-11-05 07.30.35_blog

Saturday night was our biggest game of the year, Buckeyes versus Spartans of Michigan State.  We were underdogs and this was the most important game for the Big Ten championship game.  The game was very exciting and the Buckeyes ended up winning 49-37!  We were both so excited!  Now Ohio State is part of the conversation for the 4-team NCAA football playoffs!

20141109-2014-11-09 12.00.04_blog

Elle’s Studio sent me a box of goodies.  Yesterday I created a couple of special projects for them for an upcoming event.  I LOVE this Good Cheer collection so much!  It’s right up my alley and I loved creating with it!  Don’t forget to check out their November monthly kit because it is awesome!

20141109-2014-11-09 11.12.46-2_blog

Also, you can purchase the Elle’s Studio Good Cheer collection at Paper Issues too!  Use my code LISTGIRL and get 20% off your order!  Woohoo!

Last but not least, Noodle has been snuggling with us and a blanket on the couch lately.  I put the camera down low and this is the shot I got.  So cute.

20141103-2014-11-03 19.25.08_blog


  1. yeah!!! thank you Christine! can't wait to get my hands on those goodies! thanx for your generous giveaway!!!

  2. how fun is Todd's company? swing dancing, fun runs and red pants!

  3. Thanks for the tips on the bookshelf. Love the red pant club. As always Noodle is so cute.


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