Monday, May 13, 2013

Lily Bee Design | Project Life Week 16

I blogged at the Lily Bee Design blog on Friday about my latest Project Life pages.  I scrapped these on iNSD, along with another layout.  I felt so productive!  I’m loving my Project Life album this year because it’s low-pressure.  I’m not trying to keep up with weeks, and I’m not trying to document everything.  I just work on it when I want to, at my own pace.  It feels relaxed and it feels awesome.  Right now my favorite part of Project Life is seeing my photos printed out and in an album.  I’m also into hand-written and typed journaling on photos lately.  It makes me feel like the photos already speak for themselves, which makes me feel more free to do whatever I want in the other non-photo pockets.

Here’s my 2-page spread.
2013PL_Wk16 (1)

Left side.
2013PL_Wk16 (2)

I wrote “Noodle” in Photoshop, then typed out the rest of the words on the photo. 
2013PL_Wk16 (3)

I used a bunch of Lily Bee stickers right on my photos this week.  More handwriting on the photo before printing it.
2013PL_Wk16 (4)
2013PL_Wk16 (6)

All the 3x4 journal cards on the left side are made with Lily Bee patterned papers.  For this one documenting Todd’s race, I fussy cut the banner design out of the Jelly Bean paper.
2013PL_Wk16 (8)

This pocket was made from the Marshmallow paper, which is one of my favorite papers in the Lily Bee Sweet Shoppe collection.  I also used some label stickers and circle & tag stickers.  I used my Sharpie Glitter Paint Pen to color the wood veneer heart.
2013PL_Wk16 (7)

I printed some polaroid-style photos out again, and used Photoshop to journal on the white blank space underneath the photo.  I still love doing this and haven’t gotten tired of it yet!  For the journal card on the right, I cut a piece of patterned paper to 3x4, then I used a 2.5” square punch to punch out the window to make it look like a polaroid.  Then I adhered it to white cardstock and journaled on it.  The letter stickers completed the title.
2013PL_Wk16 (5)

This was the week we went on a road trip to San Francisco from Friday to Sunday.  I decided to devote the right side to just the Friday we drove up to SF

Right side. 
2013PL_Wk16 (9)

I had a lot of fun using Lily Bee letter stickers on this title.
2013PL_Wk16 (10)

I used a circle punch to punch the patterned paper.  Then I layered a circle sticker on top of it and adhered the whole thing to the middle of my photo collage.
2013PL_Wk16 (12)

I created this California art in Photoshop myself, using some watercolor brushes and my own handwriting.  Then I printed it out onto a Becky Higgins Project Life 3x4 blank journal card.  I put a wood veneer star on San Francisco, for this trip.
2013PL_Wk16 (13)

I took a bunch of little menus from the places we ate at.  I used some coordinating patterned paper to back them in the 3x4 pockets. 
2013PL_Wk16 (11)

More circle embellishments on my photo collage.
2013PL_Wk16 (15)

I wanted to include the whole story of the road trip and drive up on Friday, so I copied and pasted my blog post into a 4x6 canvas in Photoshop and printed it out.  Then I trimmed it and adhered it to patterned paper, and embellished the top left.  I like how this turned out.
2013PL_Wk16 (14)

I’m sharing my California art that I made in Photoshop. :)
Download:  3x4 or 4x6

Please remember to use it for personal-use only, and don’t sell the digital or printed version.  Thanks! 
That’s it for this installment of Project Life!  I’m really enjoying working on my album when I get a chance!  :-)



  1. Thank you for the awesome freebie! I love seeing your PL spreads!

  2. LOVE this!!! WOW seriously LOVE the CA card so cute!!!!

  3. you have such a great style!! I wish I could come see you so you could teach me.. I have tried SO hard to do a bit of paper scrapping but I just find it way too overwhelming and I'm too unsure of myself.

    1. Hi Kristin! The best way is just to experiment without expectations. That's what I did when I first started paper scrapbooking. I still do it from time to time. :)

  4. I am so jealous of your handwriting! Great pages!

  5. awesome pages. I love that you're not doing "weeks". I've been doing weeks this year, but I have friends who are falling behind and getting frustrated and feel they have to keep it as a weekly project. I love the freebie...was actually thinking of asking you about it and was excited to see that you offered it at the end here! :) Thanks so much!!

  6. Thank you for the CA artwork!

  7. It's such a cool idea to journal right onto the photos. In my previous albums, I felt like I never had room for all the extra "ephemera" because my non-photo pockets were all journaling. I'll have to keep this idea in mind if I ever do a pocket-page album again... Plus, since I caption all of my photos in their metadata, everything is already typed out!! (time saver! :))

    1. P.S. I LOVE the California art.

  8. LOVE your PL! And I lovelovelove your Cali art. Thanks so much!

  9. I absolutely love your California art!! Too bad I don't live there anymore, I don't have any use for it :( Your layout is gorgeous + I think I see one of my favorite foods, ciopinno...yum!!

  10. great spread girl i love it all. I too have started just writing on picture, so easy to do :)

  11. Thank you for the download!

  12. Great pages! I love the white with pops of color. It's not too busy and that is what I really like about it. Can I ask what font you used? Especially on the polaroids?

    1. The font is called Claire's Hand and it's free at dafont

  13. I JUST came back from Cali and am about to start my PL spread for it. Your freebie is perfection and came at just the right time. Thank you!!!

  14. LOVE the Cali printable! Thanks for making it a freebie! I used it in my PL spread this week over at


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