Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tutorial | Emboss & Watercolor Resist

I blogged a tutorial at the Evalicious blog yesterday, showing a stamp emboss & watercolor resist layout.  I made a layout about our first time at AT&T Park in San Francisco.  

20130512_Evalicious_CLN (1)

In the video, I show the step-by-step, how I stamped and embossed the white images onto my background paper.

20130512_Evalicious_CLN (2)

And how I watercolored over the embossed images to create looks like these.  The watercolor only sticks to the paper and not the embossed images, that’s why it’s called “resist”.  :-)

20130512_Evalicious_CLN (6)

20130512_Evalicious_CLN (4)

Here’s my emboss & resist video.  It is under 7 minutes.  I hope you enjoy watching my process and learning about stamp emboss and watercolor resist!  :)  You can click over to youtube to see it slightly larger.



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