Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tutorial | Emboss & Watercolor Resist

I blogged a tutorial at the Evalicious blog yesterday, showing a stamp emboss & watercolor resist layout.  I made a layout about our first time at AT&T Park in San Francisco.  

20130512_Evalicious_CLN (1)

In the video, I show the step-by-step, how I stamped and embossed the white images onto my background paper.

20130512_Evalicious_CLN (2)

And how I watercolored over the embossed images to create looks like these.  The watercolor only sticks to the paper and not the embossed images, that’s why it’s called “resist”.  :-)

20130512_Evalicious_CLN (6)

20130512_Evalicious_CLN (4)

Here’s my emboss & resist video.  It is under 7 minutes.  I hope you enjoy watching my process and learning about stamp emboss and watercolor resist!  :)  You can click over to youtube to see it slightly larger.




  1. I just want to say, out of frustration, that putting together blog posts like this takes HOURS. From recording to video and music editing to finishing the layout and blogging. HOURS of work. So if my dear readers get anything out of it, I would SO very appreciate a quick comment on the blog. The lack of feedback is very discouraging to me. I do feel like there isn't very much incentive to share on the blog when nobody comments.

    Thanks, rant over.

  2. Christine,

    I don't read any blogs on a regular basis...and I don't dabble in anything paper--but I do want to say your page is beautiful and I'm sorry you're feeling frustrated!


    1. Thanks Lena. It is the people who read my blog all the time, get something out of it, yet never comment that frustrates me. I do get a lot of page views, but no comments really bum me out. It makes me feel like I'm wasting my time.

  3. After writing my latest post, I have a new appreciation for your tutorial posts. (of course, I appreciate all your posts..) But, the posts that are there to help save time for your readers take an enormous amount of time.

    (I wonder how many times I'll use the word 'post' in this comment...)

    Anyway...hang in there. You are helping others and they really do appreciate it, even when they don't comment.

    Later, gator. <3

  4. It looks terrific, Christine! :-)

  5. OK, I'm back..this time I watched the tutorial video.

    Oh.My.Goodness! How totally professional! Makes me want to pull out my watercolors and stamps...And the music was very, very cool!!(please tell Todd that he's awesome.)

  6. I love the embossing and the water colours! Booking marking this for later!

  7. I've had this post open in a tab for a week and just now had a chance to sit down and watch the video. So cool! I love the resist technique with heat embossing (in fact, two of the three colors of embossing powder that I own were chosen with the intent to use them for resists). It really is like magic! I don't think I've ever thought to use watercolors with it, though! You usually see mists or inks used, and I don't own many colors of either of those media. I'm going to see if I can dig out some watercolors from my art stash :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. oh no!! Christine, I"m so, SO SO sorry to spam you with so many copies of my comment!! My browser was popping past the "visible after approval" notice so fast I didn't see it until this time. Please forgive me!! (P.S. I am drafting an email reply to you... I take forever with email these days... not too much time to sit and type at my computer!)

  9. First time on your site, but I will definitely be coming back! Thank you for posting this, the tutorial has been super helpful :)


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