Sunday, November 4, 2012

This Is Why I Have To Exercise

The tail end of October was really awesome. The weather finally cooled down some and we were usually in the high 60’s and mid-70’s. On the weekends we usually go running somewhere scenic and this is not an unusual view midway through my run.

On Saturday 10/27, we invited Anne & Gilbert over to watch the Buckeyes vs Penn State. Of course, football gatherings require dips and treats. I found a recipe for Baked Black Beans With Chorizo and had to try it out.
It was super-yummy with tortilla chips!

I found another recipe for Brown Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies and emailed it to Todd. He felt it was imperative to include it in the game time treats. But he did make a couple of them with raisins instead of chocolate chips for Anne, who doesn’t like chocolate.

This game was the battle of the bowl-ineligibles, but the Buckeyes soundly beat the Nittany Lions 35-23.

Even Noodle got into the Buckeye spirit by posing with Brutus the Buckeye.

On Sunday 10/28, Todd usually goes on his longer bike ride. But his back was stiff from doing P90X, so he skipped it. Instead, we went to try a new-to-us restaurant called Izakaya Sakura. Mainly because their Champon Noodle Soup was on the cover of the current issue of San Diego Magazine.

And that’s exactly what I ordered.

The broth was really good, and I loved all the ingredients and noodles.

Todd got chicken katsu.

It was yummy and definitely worth going back. The Champon Noodles will feel especially comforting when it’s winter. Oh wait, we don’t get below 50 degrees here in the “winter”. Ok, I still love noodle soups though! After that, we had to check out this Asian bakery called “Big Joy Family Bakery”, also featured in San Diego Magazine.
They are known for their wide selection of homemade macaroons, but Todd and I had the Taiwanese shaved ice with vanilla ice cream, red beans, sweetened condensed milk, and fresh fruit instead. Yes, the running and 30 Day Shred video workouts seem like a good idea now?

Before we leave the topic of food… Todd made these Greek Cod Cakes and they were delicious. First he mixed steamed cod fillet with the egg & panko mix.
Then he cooked them in a skillet.
It was really delicious.

And the last bit of awesomeness from end of October? The San Francisco Giants won the World Series! I was so geeked that I took a picture of my TV screen.
MY Giants. I grew up in the Bay Area and the Giants were my team. When I was 15 years old, I ended up watching a 16-inning SF Giants baseball game on TV. I would have normally turned to another channel because I didn’t understand baseball. After that 16-inning game in which anything that could have happened did happen, I understood everything from pinch-hitting to suicide squeeze. A lot of my teenage memories has to do with going to baseball games or watching them on TV. :)


  1. Wow you always take great food pictures. Do you take your camera every where? If so what lense is usually on your camera. I'm hungry.

    1. When I'm out and about, I usually only have my little point and shoot Canon SD850IS with me! I put it on High Exposure and put it in macro mode for the close-up shots so they aren't blurry. When we're at home I usually use my Canon T2i DSLR with a 28mm prime lens.

  2. You always have such great pictures. And the food you all have to delve into is awesome! Great picture of the TV screen!

  3. What a great view to walk or run by...And now because of all the wonderful food you posted I'm hungry and sitting here trying to decide what I can out in the country in the middle of nowhere has it's disadvantages, sigh!! If I had to choose a sport to watch it would be baseball, one that I have many memories of as my family is big on baseball and football too. A wonderful post thanks for sharing.

  4. Tasty looking food!! Looks like fun, even though I'm really not a Buckeyes fan... lol! [I'm a Sun Devil...btw]

    1. Sun Devil! Well I love your stadium in Tempe, because that's where the Buckeyes won the National Championship in 2002 and I was there! :)

  5. I love chorizo! One thing I really miss about the Bay Area is all the food choices. It was always so fun to try all the new little places in Berkeley.

    1. Katie - Blondie's Pizza in Berkeley is one of my favorite teenage memories! My friends and I used to take BART into Berkeley and hang out on Telegraph Avenue and eat Blondie's Pizza!

  6. Gotta a question:
    I tried to make the Brown Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies, but my cookies do not spread! They are still in the ball form shape prior to the oven. Can't figure out my mistake. I plan to post in the blog you linked to, but though I would start here first!

    1. You mean after they are baked? Mine are pretty puffy but not round after baking. I don't know why that would happen, I'm not chemist enough to say. My first thought is there was not enough moisture but if you added all the butter that should not be the case.

    2. Thanks Todd for checking in, such an honor! Yes it would be after I bake them, still very round! I am new to baking, so I'm wondering if the cookie dough is too cold. I literally roll the dough after the 30 minute chill time per the recipe.

    3. I don't think they are too cold, I refrigerated more than 30 minutes. So it's a mystery. I hope they tasted good at least.


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