Monday, November 19, 2012

Puppy In A Cat Suit

I posted this photo to Instagram and Facebook yesterday and my friend Cassi said, “Does he snuggle more than most cats? I swear he is a puppy in a cat suit.”
20121119-IMG_0005.JPG (2)_600

Noodle isn’t as snuggly in the summer, when once the weather turns cooler, he becomes a snuggle monster. In particular, he just loves sitting with Todd.
He loves to squish himself into the space between Todd’s side and his arm, on Todd’s rocker/recliner. 

Sometimes it’s comical how much he loves to be in that space.

He’s very much his catdad’s boy. Todd loves popcorn. Noodle loves popcorn as well. Especially the salt left at the bottom of the bowl.

Noodle also loves to hang out while Todd is on his laptop.

Here Todd teaches Noodle about the lolcats on the internetz.20121109-IMG_2143_600

Hmm. It does seem like Noodle is a puppy in a cat suit.


  1. Oh my goodness! He's so cute!

  2. Noodle is a cutie pie.
    My kitties love to snuggle too when it gets cooler out!

  3. The last picture really does prove my point! :)

  4. Great pics! My cat is snuggly at certain times of the day, usually early morning.

  5. Cuddles!! My cat Mango never wanted anything to do with me.. :( so sad. So glad my dogs are cuddle buddies!

  6. Noodle is most definitely Daddy's boy. I've never owned a cat but I didn't think cats like to snuggle like puppies. He really is such a pretty cat. Such pretty fur.

  7. omg, noodle is so awesome. i have a cat like this, named artimis. I love her snuggles. I'm sure noodle brings so much joy to catdad

  8. Noodle is such a cutie- I love him! Does he purr loudly? My cat was a real love bug like that. It was hard to get yourself settled on the couch before she got into your lap! <3

    1. Yes! Noodle is a loud purrer. And an instant purrer. He comes near you and just purrs. That's how we picked him from the shelter, because he started purring instantly when I picked him up!


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