Monday, November 26, 2012

Comfort Foods

Todd and I have established a tradition of celebrating each other’s accomplishments with a night out at a favorite restaurant. It’s something that we both look forward to. The week before Thanksgiving, I had to present some financials to an auditor during our annual audit at work. It’s something I never look forward to, and I’m always happy and relieved when it’s over. So Wednesday (11/14) night, after my financial presentation went well at work, we went out to have dinner at Urban Solace, our favorite modernized American comfort food. 

I always think that the big mural of Will Farrell’s Anchorman behind the bar is so funny.

Todd got the Farro Sauté with creamy farro, veggies, smoked tomatoes, and grated parmesan.

I got the chicken & dumplings, which I also got on my birthday.

Afterwards, we walked over to Heaven Sent Desserts and got a couple of slices of cake. We got the chocolate trinity cake.

And the pumpkin spiced cake.

Both were delicious, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the chocolate trinity cake. Of course, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs, so much of the pumpkin spice cake had to go home with us for the next day.

Another one of our favorite comfort foods is chili. Todd makes a great chili using the All-American Chili recipe from Cooking Light. We made that chili on Sunday 11/18 and brought it over to our friends AJ & Meera’s place to eat and watch the Chargers game together. Chargers lost, but the chili kept us warm. Here are all the spices and dry ingredients going into the chili.

And the chili cooking on the stove.

As usual, I loved hanging out with AJ & Meera. You know you’re hanging out with good friends when you can totally be yourself and you feel super-comfortable sharing thoughts.


Blessed with good food and good friends. Can’t ask for much more. :)


  1. I never noticed the will ferrel picture at urban solace! So I've asked santa for a crock pot. I might need to steal that chili recipe! :)

  2. Oh I am so hungry now, lol...Those cakes looked oh so good!

  3. Wow. Those dumplings look amazing, as does the cake! I would be in a lot of trouble if I lived somewhere with so many amazing dining options.

  4. Yum! And love the trophy wife shirt. :)

  5. Todd always has the best t-shirts! ;)

    1. Ha ha, he ordered that one himself! Imagine my surprise when he started wearing it.

  6. Great comfort food shots....although I had to google Farro - haha

    I'm curious how do you keep your lists? Are you a word, or a excel girl? I'm guessing excel with your job and all.

    I just started to wrap up my monthly round up (courtesy of katie the scrapbook lady) and realized we did ALOT in 2012. Then I wondered how you keep track. Care to share? - possible blog post idea?....if you haven't already done it - ;)


    1. I keep most of my lists in Evernote! I love the notebook and tagging structure and how I can find anything really fast in there. It has the ability to create fast checklists that you can check off, then uncheck them all for next time. I have a "Packing for a Crop" supply list that I use every time I'm packing to go crafting. There's tons of other lists in there. I have a notebook just on blog topic ideas. Evernote also does graphics so my lists can be written or graphic. I keep gift lists in there. My stamp catalog is in there. And it syncs to the cloud and iPad, mobile phones, etc. So you have it everywhere you go. I can't espouse my love for Evernote enough!

    2. Thanks Christine, I've heard the digi show ladies talk about evernote too. I'll have to check it out.
      Kudos for using 'espouse' in a sentence - lol!


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