Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Crafternoon With Cassi

I went over to my friend Cassi’s house on Sunday afternoon for a Crafternoon. This is our second Crafternoon together. Cassi came over in September for a Crafternoon in my craft studio. To my chagrin, I totally forgot to take photos of that session of Crafternoon! So I made sure I brought my camera this time!

For this crafternoon, I wanted to start on my 2012 holiday cards. My big idea this year is to make some cutout window cards. (You can see my holiday cards from last year here.) Honestly, I spent over 20 hours last year making 40 tri-fold cards. I wanted to keep it more simple this year. I didn’t want the hassle of bringing my Silhouette die cut machine to Cassi’s house, so I spent the morning designing some simple holiday shapes in my Silhouette Studio software and cutting them out.


I used Papertrey Ink’s 8.5 x 11 cardstock. They are quite thick, so I had to double-cut them with the Silhouette. Then I tried cutting with some thick woodgrain kraft cardstock. That turned out NOT well at all. Even after 4 cuts, the Silhouette blade couldn’t cut through the cardstock all the way. And it frayed the cardstock.

I tried reversing the image and cutting the back of the cardstock without the pronounced woodgrain.

It still wouldn’t cut all the way through to the other side.

I had to use my Fiskar finger knife to cut the shapes out. After cutting 13-14 pieces of cardstock to make 26-28 A2 sized cards, I packed up my tools and supplies and headed to Cassi’s house.

Crafting with a friend is really fun! We got to chat about all kinds of stuff, eat chocolate, and make things. Cassi is putting the cover together for her December Daily album.

I’m scoring all my cards with the Martha Steward Scoring Board.


I was pretty productive and actually stamped on all the card fronts as well, although I forgot to get a photo of that. I made these cards production-line style, so while certain steps are done on them, they are not totally done yet. I will show Part 2 in a future blog post soon.

I’ve got all my Christmas-y craft items I want to use for my cards in an IRIS box so that everything is together. I hope to finish them before Thanksgiving.

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