Friday, November 2, 2007

Weekend withTodd's parents

Todd's parents came to visit us from Thursday night to Monday morning (10/25-10/29).

Last Friday (10/26) I went to work for the first time since the fires swept thru Rancho Bernardo. The building smelled like smoke still, and something was irritating my eyes. I went home at lunch time because the air quality at home was much better. Todd picked up lunch for all 4 of us from Rubios, so I went home and ate 2 fish tacos. Then we waited and waited for U-verse people to come de-install U-verse and re-install DSL, but they never came. There was some kind of order-input error. They said they’d call us back to set up another time to come, but they never did, so Todd had to call them again today.

Friday evening we went with Todd’s parents to Fidels for dinner. I had the chicken tortilla soup. It was so salty that it was almost inedible. I was sorely disappointed, even though the tortilla was really good. After dinner we went over to Fletcher’s Cove in Solana Beach and walked around. The sunset was really beautiful because of the fire ashes in the air. Then we went back to Carmel Mountain and went to Sports Authority, Radio Shack, GameStop, and Trader Joes to get a box of Mango Moji ice cream. Todd’s dad loved it and ate two!

Saturday morning we headed out to La Jolla to walk around. We found 2-hour parking and walked around Girard Street. They kept finding home décor shops to visit. I really like the shag area carpets/rugs for accent. It’s so modern yet so 70’s. That was fun to walk around, except that it was kind of raining too. We also went into some photography/art galleries to look around. Then we walked to the Cove (Ellen Browning Scripps Park). There were people with homemade cookies, brownies, desserts there, raising money for fire relief for the Salvation Army. Todd’s dad paid 10 dollars and got a couple of platefuls of desserts. He was so excited about them. Then we walked around and went back to Girard to eat lunch at Thai Spices & Rice. I had the Spicy Fried Rice with Chicken. It was pretty good.

After lunch we went home and chilled. Then we watched the Buckeye game versus Penn State. They beat Penn State 37-17 and it was so much fun! Then we watched the World Series and saw the Boston Red Sox beat up on the Colorado Rockies. For dinner, Todd made pasta with roasted veggies, but without garlic.

On Sunday morning we went to run in Encinitas from Beach City Café to Swami’s and back. Then we tried to go to Yogi’s for the Browns game, but the parking lot was too full already. So we went to eat lunch at Souplantation. Afterwards we went to Vons and got some groceries for dinner. We were just eating a simple dinner with leftovers and morningstar burgers. Then Todd’s mom, Todd, and I watched an old foreign heist movie called "Rififi" in which all the perpetrators died at the end. Monday morning around 8:30 am they left. It was a very nice visit.

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  1. love those pics with todd's parents. esp his mom! they look so alike :)


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