Sunday, September 30, 2007

Knott's Berry Farm

Yesterday was my company's annual picnic, and we had it at Knott's Berry Farm. I had never been, so we thought we'd go and check it out. Plus, free food, can't beat that! We walked into the Snoopy Headquarters store, only to find these signs. Uh, isn't Snoopy a dog??? It really cracked us up!
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First we went to the picnic and had the famous Knott's fried chicken & corn on the cob. There were hot dogs and hamburgers, but we had heard the fried chicken was the best, so we had two pieces of chicken each. Then we went into the park to play. It was very sparse and the lines were almost non-existent! Very short lines made for very happy us!
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Todd got very brave and thought this practically vertical rollercoaster was a good idea. I sat it out, too scary for me! He said it was super-fun though, I'll take his word for it!
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Here's Todd after his coaster ride. He really liked it. He said it was super-smooth.
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We had some dipping dots ice cream. We got on a few other rides, got dizzy, and decided it was time to head home. But not before Todd got a pic in front of the big air Snoopy.
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In other weekend news:
  • The OSU Buckeyes beat the Minnesota Gophers 30-7 on Saturday. I made a fun bet with a coworker and now he's gonna have to send me some Dove dark chocolates! I gave him 21 points, so I barely squeaked by at 23 points differential!
  • Chargers lost, AGAIN! At home against the Kansas City Chiefs. No good things to say. The coaching staff changes have proved disastrous.
  • Friday night we had dinner at Nozomi. I had tempura udon noodle soup, and Todd had Chicken Katsu. Yum! Then we went to REI to exchange a pair of flip flops I had bought in Seattle that was too small.
That's it for now. It is a "school night" and it's bed time for me! :)


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