Monday, September 10, 2007

Back to the Grind

It's Monday!  Why can't we have three day weekends every week?  Let's see... Friday night we had Indian food at Delhi India.  We usually get the pre-made items behind the counter, but we ordered this time from their menu.  It was tasty!  With full bellies, we went over to Target to look at TV stands and audio towers.  We're in the market for a new entertainment setup, so we looked at ole-trusty-Target for the reasonable prices.  We found one we liked, which we bought the next day. 

Saturday was football day.  They added the Big Ten Network to the Dish Network!  Todd was super-excited that we didn't have to get up early to go to Moondoggies again to watch the game.  The Buckeyes soundly beat the Akron Zips 20-2.  Yes, the Zips only scored a safety.  The best part of the day was when Michigan lost to Oregon.  My how the mighty Wolverines have fallen this year!  Poor them (snicker snicker).  We watched college football games on and off all day.  And napped on the couch in between.  Napping is so fun.  As an adult sometimes we forget how fun it is to just nap when we feel like it.  For dinner we ate at Happy's Sushi in Mira Mesa.  We hadn't ever been there before, but it was pretty good.  After dinner we ended up getting a Pomegranate Blueberry iced blended at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf because they shared the same parking lot as the sushi place. 

On Sunday we had lunch at Panera Bread, then I got my hair cut and highlighted by Jay.  Todd also got his haircut before me.  While he was getting beautified, I went next door to read scrapbooking magazines at Borders.  Then we headed to our friends Bart & Denice's house.  We hadn't seen them in over a year!  Got to meet their one year old Max, and Sam now talks up a storm cuz he's almost four.  We had a really fun time with them.  Hopefully it will be sooner next time we see them!


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