Friday, September 7, 2007

Photoshop Action Fun

I purchased Holly McCaig's Photographers Assistant photoshop actions today! I had it on my "Want" list, but I was waiting for a sale. Today was the day! So I took one of my vacation photos and ran the various actions on them. I'm really happy with the variations achieved!

Original Photo out of camera

Simple Pop

Super Pop


Urban Wash 1

Contrast B&W

Coffee B&W

B&W Contrast Peachy

Half Sepia

Vintage - Rockstar

Contrast B&W + Urban Wash 1

Super Pop + B&W Contrast Peachy
I like them and can't wait to run the actions on other photos for different looks!


  1. didn't want to be a "phantom reader"!!! Loved seeing what you did with Holly's actions - i want them badly and love seeing them in action!

    your blog looks so fun! i'll definitely be back to check it out more!


  2. The actions look awesome - linked to your blog from the DST post about Holly's actions! Thanks so much for the preview. It really helps to see them in action! :)


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