Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Shame: how some people lack it

Today at work we had an All-Hands meeting at lunch. Usually when that happens our department will order pizza and sodas and feed us during the meeting. Do you know how many times I've seen people who don't work in our department walk up and snatch a piece (or two) of pizza??! Or people will walk away with a whole 2-liter bottle of soda. I just don't get it. I personally would feel shameful if I walked up to another department where people don't recognize me, and eat their pizza. But that's just me. I guess some people don't feel the same way. Ha ha. More power to them I guess. I haven't had time to digi-scrap this week due to work being really busy. It's month-end time, so I've had to work more. Last week I finished organizing my stash, so now I am itching to scrap some more. I'm also in the process of scanning pre-2004 photos into the computer. I don't have many of our pre-digital camera photos digitized yet. I heard there's a service in Irvine that does it for very reasonable prices, so I might just go there with a shoebox full and let them at it. It's called 30 Minute Photos. Although I'm not sure what PPI they scan them in at. If I were scanning them myself I'd scan 4x6's at 600 PPI, just so you can enlarge them for a 12x12 layout if you want. But I doubt the service would scan them in at such a high resolution... my guess is it'll be at 300 PPI. I am really excited about the prospect of having my film photos turned into digital photos for keepsake and scrapping though! This service is priced SO reasonable too. Sounds like it'll cost me a couple hundred bucks. Whereas if I did this myself on my CanoScan, it would take months/years! If there are any pics that I need to enlarge digitally, I can always re-scan them at 600 ppi on my own scanner. Last year I also organized and categorized my ENTIRE trove of film negatives. It took me weeks, and I have all the negatives in acid-free archival quality negative holders, in chronological order. I've also scanned some negatives using my new CanoScan that scans negatives. I wrote about it previously. It is awesome to be able to do that. Well, back to work I go. I was in between projects and now it's time to get a move on to the next project. :-)


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