Thursday, October 4, 2007

I kicked Miramar Lake's butt

I went running today at Miramar Lake. After my not-so-awesome run last time, I thought I'd just go for 4 miles. But I felt so good at 2 miles out that I didn't want to turn around. So I ran the whole 5 miles in good time! I'm so excited because I thought I was really out of shape. Turns out maybe last time I just wasn't feeling well physically, either because of something I ate or maybe hormones. This time I did so well! I'm back in running groove. In other news, I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor today regarding my progress on my panic attacks and my medication. I'm doing well. The rollercoasters last Sat. probably wasn't a good idea, as it left me jittery and pumped with adrenaline. I had trouble sleeping for a few days after that. So I've cut out all caffeine for now, again. The doc told me that my brain is re-wiring after my panic attacks. He wants to keep me on the medication for 6 more months, until April.


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