Monday, September 30, 2019

Master Bath Cabinet Reorganization

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Two weeks ago Todd started a new skincare routine based on my new skincare knowledge acquired the last few months.  I started my own new routine back in May.  Both of us are in our late 40’s, so we really needed to step up our skincare game.  The problem was, there was my skincare products, Todd’s skincare products, and OUR skincare products.  And it was spread out in three different drawers in our bathroom.  He was confused about where to find the items in his AM and PM skincare routines (which I put together in a spreadsheet for him).  It was not intuitive and it was badly organized.  So, a rework of the process and organization was in order!

We have a really large cabinet for bathroom storage in between our sinks.  It was a perk from our 2009 total master bath remodel.  We really have a lot of storage in our bathroom, but it was just disorganized.  We have a lot of large drawers and under sinks storage below this cabinet too!

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The above was the “before” situation.  I can’t reach the top shelf without a step stool, so we didn’t keep much up there.  It was a mish mash of stuff everywhere.  The bottom shelve was mostly medicine.  The 2nd shelf was travel related toiletry items.  The 3rd shelf was also a mish mash of storage and travel related items.  The space was badly organized and not optimally used.

So I cleared everything out.  I took the shelves out too, and cleaned those.

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Before I put the shelves back in, I decided that the bottom shelf was going to be dedicated to our skincare routines, and all our skincare products from the drawers below would be consolidated into it.  But how could I make it easily accessible and be able to see everything?  I thought back to my organization improvements from last month and the solution was clearly the 2-tiered lazy susan spinners!  I measured the width inside the cabinet and it was 22”, perfect for fitting in TWO of the lazy susans at 10.5” width each!  So I ordered them and they arrived two days later from Amazon.

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So now, Todd’s skincare is on the right spinner, while mine is on the left.  Although, I have items on the right too, since I needed more space, ha ha.  But all the products in his AM & PM skincare routine is on the right spinner, so he doesn’t have to look anywhere else but there for his products.

The rest of the shelves, from the bottom up.  Second shelf are travel toiletries.  Third shelf has medicines and also the TSA-approved travel pouches that I couldn’t fit on the second shelf.  The upper shelf has extra stock-up items such as face wash, toothpaste, and soap.  We don’t need to get to the next toothpaste or soap that often, so they’re good to go on the upper shelf.

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We’ve used these spinners inside our cabinet for 1.5 weeks now, and it’s vastly improved our skincare routine process!  Now everything is in one place and easy to find!

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