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Nashville Trip | Con of Thrones Cosplay

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As with any fan convention, cosplay was a big part of Con of Thrones in Nashville.  We weren’t clever enough to come up with our own costumes this time, we only wore Game of Thrones t-shirts.  But we saw so many good cosplayers with multiple awesome costumes!

A note:  Some of these photos were downloaded from the CoT app or screenshot from Instagram.  When possible and I could find it, the creator’s IG account is linked.

In the first photo above, Todd posed with a Sansa Stark and a Beric Dondarrion.

We saw this group getting their photos taken.  Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Varys, Sansa/Marjorie?, Jaqen H’ghar.

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And my personal highlight at CoT, a photo with a dog whose real name was Ghost!  And his mom dressed as Cersei.  Their Instagram account is here.

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Todd found a George RR Martin doppelganger!  When he lifted the flap on his shirt up, it said “Not today”, ha ha!

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A Jon Snow and me with my “You know nothing Jon Snow” shirt on!

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Todd with an Arya Stark.  She looked so good!

20190713-2019-07-13 16.18.58-2_blog

Me and a Varys.  Really great costume.

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We found a Wun Wun The Giant on stilts! 

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He was so good that even Nicolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) got a photo with him.

20190714-2019-07-14 13.21.15_blog

Arya executing Little Finger (Petyr Baelish) from season 7.

20190714-2019-07-14 13.26.02_blog

He looked so great and so much like Little Finger that Todd had to find him on the last day to get a photo with him! 

20190714-2019-07-14 17.51.20_blog

Us with Tywin Lannister. 

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He and his wife got a hilarious photo with Nicolaj Coster-Waldau.

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I LOVED this one of Tormund, Jon Snow, and Ghost!  Just how I imagined how the three of them lived out their lives in the Far North at the end, with the Wildlings.

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Other awesome cosplay…

20190714-2019-07-14 13.40.40_blog

20190714-2019-07-14 13.25.16_blog

Three awesome Sansa Starks.

20190714-2019-07-14 13.56.26_blog

Jon Snow and Little Finger

20190714-2019-07-14 14.02.41_blog

Todd and I had a photo op to sit on the Throne! 

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That’s it for my Con of Thrones 2019 Nashville recap!  Hope you enjoyed the Nashville eats and a look at the Con of Thrones programming too.  It was a really memorable trip that I will look upon fondly for years to come!


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