Monday, September 16, 2019

I Accidentally Deleted the Last 50 Blog Comments on Friday

Hi Everyone!

Just a short post to let you know that I accidentally deleted the last 50 blog comments on Friday.  I had gotten a bunch of spam comments.  In the process of trying to delete the spam comments, I accidentally clicked on the tab with the real comments and selected all and the system deleted the first page of 50 comments.  I’m very sad, since I rarely get comments these days and those 50 comments were over the last year.  I just wanted you to know because I didn’t want you to come over to the blog and wonder why I deleted your comments.  It was a total accident, and I’m sad and sorry.  After over 10 years of blogging, I made a technical “fat-finger” mistake while on my phone.  Ugh!


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  1. Doing anything on an iPhone raises the risks of...anything. Sorry to hear you lost all those comments, including some of mine, I'm sure. We'll just have to make it up on new ones.


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