Sunday, February 25, 2018

Making Me Happy This Week–2/25/2018

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Oh my this week had its moments.  There were some tough things at work, and some good things.  Every night we came home, had dinner, and basically fell asleep on the couch from exhaustion.  But the week ended well and we bounced back. 

Here’s what’s making me happy this week:

  • One of the VPs that I support at work (managing his $30M budget) wrote me a thank you card.  And enclosed an AMEX gift card.  I never take people appreciating me for granted.  Finance people are usually not valued at my work, so to have a good relationship with my VPs and them knowing the value that I bring to the table makes me happy.
  • Surviving a tough week at work.
  • Cold weather and wearing winter(ish) outfits.  On Tuesday I woke up to 37 degree weather and wondered where I was!  I think I wore boots all week.20180220-2018-02-20 07.05.16_blog20180219-2018-02-19 08.55.29-2_blog
  • Trying out Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot.  I’ve had Taiwanese hot pot plenty of times, but this was Mongolian hot pot.  The flavors are quite different and new to me.  You choose a soup base and ingredients that you want to cook in the soup base.  We liked it well enough but it’s probably not something we would go often.20180218-2018-02-18 12.51.32_blog
  • This pink bike.  I can see myself riding along the beach boardwalk on it.
  • My new Franco Sarto leopard mule slides.  It was too cold to wear this week, but I will be wearing it soon!
  • Finding out that my company’s results for 2017 means a 111% target bonus payout for us.
  • Day off on Wednesday.  I take one day off per month for my mental health.  I need to reset from the work stress, relax, and just have a general “Me Day”.  It’s always my favorite day of the month.
  • My new pink hair all over.  All my women friends love it.  The men at work don’t know what to think of it, ha!  Todd likes it though, and he’s the only man that counts.  I’ll do a hair post soon and talk about what was done to get this look, and what my stylist taught me about it.  I did have pink hair back in the summer during my leave too, but it wasn’t all over my head like this.  #pinkhairdontcare  20180221-2018-02-21 14.57.33-2_blog
  • Impromptu dinner out at Phil’s BBQ on Wednesday night.  Blurry photo but good memories!20180221-2018-02-21 17.37.43_blog
  • This.  I’m a super-spreadsheet nerd and this makes me happy!20180224-2018-02-23 19.35.47_blog
  • 2.5 mile “walk & talk” at Miramar Lake.20180218-2018-02-18 14.46.06_blog
  • Laundry/utility room organizing project.  I’ll do a post with before and after photos.20180225-2018-02-25 12.22.14_blog
  • Reorganized my closet so that my fall/winter shirts are in color order again.  As you can see my favorite colors to wear looks to be red, blue, black, and gray.  Will do a closet post soon again.  I also put all my cardigans into the left side of Todd’s closet (he doesn’t use that side), with my boots underneath.  Also, these awesome things keep your tall boots upright and together.  Love them!
  • 20180225-2018-02-25 11.22.15_blog20180225-2018-02-25 10.15.49_blog20180225-2018-02-25 09.40.43_blog
  • A clean(er) oven!  There was some good build-up in our oven such that every time we turned it on, the entire house smelled like burned oil.  It was gross.  We cleaned it out this weekend.
  • My organized shoe rack.  It was in disarray but now it’s organized.  Todd gets the last two tiers and I get the rest, ha ha.  It really stores a ton of shoes, especially if you put the left shoe upside down against the right shoe.  I also turn my flip flops and sandals sideways so I could store more that way.  I seriously love this thing.  We keep it in our laundry room so that when we come in from the garage we can immediately take our shoes off and not wear shoes to the rest of the house.  I tried to purge some shoes but only got rid of three pairs this time.20180224-2018-02-24 15.58.20_blog


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