Sunday, February 11, 2018

Making Me Happy This Week–2/11/2018

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Thanks for your comments on last week’s post!  I will share my thoughts on weight loss and what’s working for me… but in a few weeks.  I’ve only been at it for about 5-6 weeks.  I want to give it some time to see how it’s working.

Here is what’s making me happy this week:

  • Todd putting 80’s music Pandora station on our big stereo in the family room.  And me singing along to songs.
  • Hot chocolate date + Victoria on PBS Masterpiece.
  • Self checkout at Target using the Target app + Cartwheel + Wallet all in one.  One scan and I’ve gotten my discounts AND paid!
  • Early morning shopping to avoid the crowds.
  • Sharing my Cadbury chocolate from India with my Pakistani friend at work.20180205-2018-02-05 08.59.38_blog
  • Celebrating Todd’s birthday at URBN Pizza and Extraordinary Desserts.  Same as last year, but he likes what he likes!20180205-2018-02-05 18.58.38_blog20180205-2018-02-05 19.53.06_blog
  • Noodle using the new catbed that my sister Joyce gave him for Christmas.  It takes him a while to accept new things, LOL.20180207-2018-02-07 16.58.02_blog
  • Cleveland Cavaliers beating the Boston Celtics.  And Ohio State Buckeyes beating Purdue.20180207-2018-02-07 19.51.19_blog
  • Day date on Saturday.  Lunch at Mastiff at Liberty Public Market, Moo Time ice cream, and then Dirty Dancing at the Civic Theater.20180210-2018-02-10 13.09.31_blog20180210-2018-02-10 13.26.29_blog20180210-2018-02-10 16.35.15_blog
  • Noodle snuggling on Todd.  Always.20180206-2018-02-06 20.20.46_blog
  • Our annual electricity true-up bill with SDG&E.  We don’t owe them any money.  Because we went solar a year ago!
  • Walking outside at Lake Miramar.  We love our “walk and talks” outside!  It’s time that we get to spend outside getting fresh air and unplugging and really talk to each other.20180211-2018-02-11 13.38.48_blog
  • Putting Me Together (Audrey Tom)’s new series “Spring Style Profiles” on her blog.  So good!
  • Bringing lunch to our dear friends AJ & Meera’s house and catching up.20180204-2018-02-04 14.08.48_blog
  • Our CEO showing up to our Q4 earnings announcement wearing jeans and pink sneakers.  AND announcing that we are receiving 111% of our annual bonus!
  • Work.  This is such a shock.  Before I went on my leave of absence last year, I would have never said that work is making me happy.
  • FLOW – this is my word for 2018.  Instead of always fighting against something, I’m going with the flow.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t fight against wrong or injustice.  It just means when things are not that important, I just don’t worry about it.  My default personality is pre-worry, then actually worry, then analyze the worriness post-worry.  Some things just aren’t worth worrying about.


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