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Evalicious | Tutorial | DIY Midori-Style Notebook


Hi everyone!  I am on the Evalicious blog today with a tutorial on how I made my own Midori-style notebook for my Midori Traveler’s Notebook!  If you’re not sure what a traveler’s notebook is, I googled some images for you.  The original traveler’s notebook was created by Midori in Japan.  It is a leather cover with a series of elastic bands.  You can include from 1-5 or so notebooks inside it, and use it for scrapbooking, journaling, list-making, sketching/drawing, or anything else you want!  You can even use it as a planner.  The Midori-branded notebook refills are slightly pricey and also very plain, so I thought I would make my own notebook refill with Evalicious goodies!

These are the main supplies I used to make my notebook.  Some 8.5x11 cardstock for the cover, and filler paper for the insides.  A ruler, paper trimmer, rotary trimmer, long-reach stapler, and ink and stamps.


I measured my authentic Midori notebook that came with my Midori leather notebook cover.  The cover is about 8.75” x 8.25”, or 22cm x 21cm.


I trimmed my cover cardstock to the size above.


Then I trimmed the filler paper down to the same size.  I used Hammermill 32 lb. color copy paper, because that’s what I have on hand and it’s nice and thick so pens won’t bleed through to the other side.  Yes, I’m very picky about writing paper and I love this paper.  It’s very smooth.


And yes, I am crazy about good writing paper.  Here I tested this paper out with different pens and ink pads that I have, to ensure that this notebook will be perfect for my needs!

20150530-2015-05-30 11.12.33_blog

I stamped the cover cardstock with various Evalicious stamps.  I used Field Notes clear stamp set and Happy Note stamp set.


I spaced the stamps out for the front and back cover of the notebook.


Then I folded the filler paper pages in half, using a bone folder to get a good fold.


I unfolded both the cover and the filler papers and lined them up and secured them with binder clips.  Then I used my long-reach stapler to staple the middle seam of the notebook all the way through.  If you don’t have a long-reach stapler, you can unfold a regular stapler, put a mouse-pad or eraser underneath the papers, and staple it through and bend the wires shut on the other side.


Now you have a notebook!  But wait, the inside papers are showing past the cover, due to the thickness and the folding.


I trimmed off the paper overhang with a steel ruler and a rotary trimmer.


Then I added a label from This Way Snipsnip Labels to the cover.  Once I start using the notebook I’ll stamp or fill in the title and dates onto the label.


I slipped my new notebook into one of the elastic cords inside my Midori traveler’s notebook.  Now I have two notebooks in there.


I love how the stamped images look on the front cover of my notebook, all lined up down the middle!


I can’t wait to start using my new DIY notebook for my Midori!  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make your own refill notebooks.  Now go forth and make notebooks, it’s addicting!

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Evalicious Products Used:

Field Notes Stamps

happy note stamps

this way snipsnip labels


  1. pretty pretty! I am just exploring using traveler's notebooks and love the size and whole concept!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. I am new also to the world of Midori and am finding that the inserts are priced a little high considering they are just a small stack of paper stapled together ;). Definitely going to have to give making them myself a whirl.

  3. Love it! Thanks for tutorial! I really am not in the mood to buy an original Midori or inserts since I have tons of supplies to use up! So anything to use the supplies on hand and save some mula for more supplies is good with me...haha! Thanks again!


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