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What I Cooked | May 2015

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I continued to cook new dishes every week in May.  I cooked three new recipes and modified a favorite recipe.  You can follow my “Stuff I Cooked” Pinterest board for all the dishes that I cooked this year so far.


Gimme Some Oven | Best Chicken Enchiladas Ever

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I made this on May 5th, in honor of Cinco De Mayo!  It was quite good.  I made homemade enchilada sauce and everything.  I didn't use as much oil or cheese though.  Obviously Todd’s half was cheese-less, because he hates cheese.


Skinnytaste | Chicken Zoodles Parmesan

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Made this on 5/14/2015.  This recipe is the same one I made for Shrimp Zoodles Parmesan in April.  I figured if it’s good for shrimp, then it’s good for chicken!  I sliced up the chicken to thin pieces and followed the same instructions. The oven baking time for the chicken was the same as the recipe for shrimp. This is my first experience substituting in a recipe and it turned out very well!


Cooksmarts | Shrimp Peanut Noodles

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Made this on 5/20/2015 - it turned out very easy and delicious! You cook the shrimp separately and then toss the noodles, veggies, shrimp, and sauce together. Therefore I think you can use whatever meat you want to suit your taste. So versatile!  Oh and I posted it on Instagram and later the Cooksmarts people reposted it!  I’m famous!


Cooksmarts | Mushu Chicken

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Made on 5/28/2015 - it was a fast and easy weeknight meal! I used shredded roasted chicken from the grocery store instead of raw chicken. Used purple cabbage instead of regular cabbage. It was delicious! But probably just use 14 oz of cooked chicken in place of 16 oz of raw chicken. It was a lot of chicken! Mushu is a Chinese dish that’s very much like a Mexican burrito.  The typical mushu wrapper is much thinner though.  But they’re not in the regular grocery stores, so I just used Mexican flour tortillas. 

Lastly, this isn’t real cooking, but Todd got me a breakfast sandwich maker.  I love breakfast sandwiches and this just makes it easier because with this machine I don’t have to toast the bread or cook the egg separately.

20150527-2015-05-27 18.00.36_blog

You put the bottom bread and cheese + meat in the bottom piece of the machine.

20150530-2015-05-30 08.04.05_blog

Then you add the egg and the top bread in the top griddle.

20150530-2015-05-30 08.03.59_blog

You close the lid and let it cook for 3-4 minutes.  Then you slide the lever between the to sections and the sandwich falls together.  Then you lift up the whole lid and your sandwich is done!

20150530-2015-05-30 08.08.41_blog

I like it a lot!  The middle piece of the machine totally slides out, so it’s easy to wash and clean.  Todd first saw it at our friend Mick’s house.  Mick actually made a video of it in action!

So that’s what I cooked in May.  :)


  1. Wow you really are great in cooking too! It's very different food from what we cook here in italy, and it looks delicious! I'd like to try...

    1. Thank you so much! I'm not that great at cooking yet. I'm still learning, but have way more confidence now than before. :)

  2. I am bookmarking a couple of these-- just looking at your photos made me so hungry! Great job again this month!

    1. In fact, I printed out the shrimp peanut noodles one to try tonight!

    2. Ooo I think you will really like it! I love it so much, and I'm going to try it with tofu or another meat next time!

    3. Yum, yum, yum! This recipe is definitely a keeper. Although, I found out tonight that my husband isn't a huge fan of cabbage, so next time we're going to try substituting those big juicy, crunchy sprouts. Yum! Thanks for linking to the recipe :)


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