Sunday, June 7, 2015

Design A Softie | Gift for Baby


I purchased Papertrey Ink’s Design-A-Softie kit so that I can make little felt stuffed animals for a few friends who are having babies this year.  I love the idea of a handmade soft little animal for a new baby.  Heck, I love these for myself!  :-)  I made this cute softie kitty for my friend Monika’s baby shower.

I diecut the pieces out of paper first so I could see which pieces I wanted to use for my softie. 

20150517-2015-05-17 10.36.29-1_blog

Once I knew which pieces I wanted, I diecut everything out of wool felt.  Since softies have fronts and backs, I had to cut out double the amount of items for body, head, ears, arms, legs, etc.

20150517-2015-05-17 11.10.29_blog

Then I used embroidery floss to hand-stitch it all together.  I left a hole to fill it with fiber-fill, then sewed it closed.

He is so cute!



I sewed a pocket on the back so I could slip in this tag with his name.


I also sewed a little “price tag” into his ear that said “made with hugs, kisses, and loving stitches”.  This piece the recipient can cut with scissors to remove.


I just love his little pink nose and matching belly patch!


I turned the paper-pieced prototype into a baby shower card and slipped everything for the baby into a box.  As you can see, Noodle took a keen interest in the little kitty softie!

20150529-2015-05-29 11.38.34_blog

I wrapped up the gift for Monika & baby and tied it up with twines and a little handmade tag.

20150531-2015-05-31 08.40.54_blog

It took a few hours to make this kitty softie, but it was way worth it!  I hope the baby enjoys this little softie for years to come!


  1. What a brilliant and cute idea!

  2. cute! didn't know these kits existed... now I'm eyeing the mustache bear!

    1. Yes, the kit comes with all the dies, so you can make any combination you want!

  3. So, so, so cute, Christine!!!

  4. Oh my word, this is so adorable! What a sweet gift! I've never seen a kit like this-- it's such a cute idea!


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