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2014 Handmade Holiday Cards


Since 2011 I’ve been making handmade holiday cards to send out.  Not every holiday card I send is handmade though.  I usually only have time to make 30-35 handmade cards, so they go out to friends & family who I know would appreciate the work that goes into making handmade cards. 

You can see previous years’ handmade cards below:

This year I was ambitious.  I wanted to make some shaker and multi-layered cards using Papertrey Ink stamps & dies.  (I’ve used Papertrey Ink stamps & dies every year.)  I started out by creating some samples so I could get a feel of how complicated it would be to make the cards, and how long it would take me.

I made this shaker card first and it did take quite a bit of time. 

20141116-2014-11-16 15.06.56_blog

The shaker elements were what took the most time, so I thought I would modify the design and take out the shaker elements, but still have the same feel and multi-layers.  This one was easier and took less time.

20141116-2014-11-16 17.24.56_blog

Another multi-layered card.

20141116-2014-11-16 18.07.03_blog

I still thought the shaker cards were fun, so I decided to make just a few to give to the most special people in my life.  The layers for the shaker card were such:  card base, diecut foam adhesive shape, shaker background and elements inside the circle, sequins, acetate cover, then the diecut shape over that.  It was very tedious.

20141122-2014-11-22 10.33.52_blog

I did each step in mass-production mode to save some time.  So first I diecut all of the elements out of cardstock and shimmer paper.  Then I stamped them.  When I stamped them I added one color/element at a time so I didn’t have to change stamps or stamp pad colors.

First I stamped the snowman in black.

20141122-2014-11-22 11.20.24_blog

Then the house in shade of gray and red roof.

20141122-2014-11-22 11.38.22_blog

Then the trees.

20141122-2014-11-22 11.38.35_blog

Then I stamped all the banners.

20141122-2014-11-22 11.47.37_blog

20141122-2014-11-22 11.47.42_blog

I started in mid-November and worked on it quite a bit every weekend for two weekends.  After I assembled the different parts of the card and got them done, I lined them up in my box.

20141124-2014-11-24 09.34.14_blog

Then one morning I stamped all the insides of the cards.  That took quite a bit of time too. 

20141213-2014-12-13 16.36.02_blog

Then I stamped the back of the cards so people knew I made them.  :)

20141128-2014-11-28 13.07.39_blog

Here are some of the different cards I made.  I only made one shaker card with “snow” and that one went to Peppermint.


Shaker card with sequins.


Multi-layered cards on white cardstock.


Some on white shimmer cardstock.


Some on gold shimmer cardstock.


Some in red snow globe shapes.


Some in pink snow globe shapes.



They went to good homes by mid-December.  :)

20141213-2014-12-13 18.15.07_blog

While they were a lot of work, they were worth it.  I got several comments from friends who said that my card was the only handmade card they received this year.  Or that they look forward to my handmade card every year.  I guess I may have developed a reputation with some friends!  I’m so glad I had time to make handmade holiday cards this year and was able to send joy to many!


  1. I'm impressed with the time and effort you put in to making your cards - they look fantastic!

  2. Love the cards! So cute. Cutest card I got this year!

  3. Wow. Super impressive & beautiful. I've totally given up making cards!

  4. Rut Ro, now your have to top yourself next year. Very cool card.

  5. i sooo wanted to make shaker cards for christmas. but i simply ran out of time. your cards look great!

  6. We love your cards and save them every year because we know how much time, talent and love go into making them. Hope the Buckeyes win next week!

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  8. BEE ----U-----T-----FUL!!!!
    LOVE IT!!! IF I MAY ASK what die is that of the house and trees and snowman ? i would love to try this thanks for sharing


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