Saturday, January 24, 2015

Make A Card | From The Desk Of My Cat

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As I said last week, this year I’m going to make more cards and give them to people.  I love that I can just sit down for 20-30 minutes and make something, without having to find photos and print them.  I’m really digging this cardmaking thing on a regular basis!  I’m naming this series on my blog “MAC” for “Make A Card”.  Which, I suppose, makes it sort of a series on my blog.  :-)

This simple Thanks card looked easy enough, but it took longer than I thought to make it.  Probably because the alpha stamps I used doesn’t have corresponding dies, so I had to fussy-cut the letters out by hand after coloring them in.

20150116-2015-01-16 20.50.25_CLN

Size: 4.25” x 5.5” vertical

Techniques:  stamping, coloring, fussy-cutting

Project Supplies:

Other Supplies:

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