Sunday, January 4, 2015

A December To Remember

This past December will go down in my personal history as one of the best holiday seasons to date.  Ever since my mom passed away in 2007, the Christmas season hasn’t really been the same.  Every year I dreaded December and just didn’t look forward to the joy of the season.  You can ask Todd how grumpy and sad I felt in December 2013.  This year it was different and I am super-thankful for it.  This post is photo-heavy, but I just want to remember all the blessings from this year.

On December 6th I put on a Glam Runner tutu and ran the Girls On The Run 5K.


On that same day, our beloved OSU Buckeyes beat Wisconsin 59-0 in the Big 10 Championship game.  We had just lost our 2nd-string QB to a broken ankle during the Michigan game.  We started our 3rd-string QB in the Big 10 Championship game and we had no idea how we’d do.  It was an awesome victory.  The next day, we found out that the Buckeyes were selected by the inaugural College Football Playoff Selection Committee as the #4 (and final) seed in the 4-team college football playoffs. 

20141207-2014-12-07 06.39.06_blog

We put up our tree and decorated it.  We got to enjoy it all month.

20141206-2014-12-06 11.27.13_blog

There was a ton of holiday crafting.

20141207-2014-12-07 14.17.12_blog


Including 32 handmade holiday cards.


NOT handmade, but still nice.

20141214-2014-12-14 08.29.31_blog

Gift tag making.

20141220-2014-12-20 16.48.04-1_blog

Christmas scrapbooking.

20141226-2014-12-26 14.58.34_blog

20141226-2014-12-26 16.34.06_blog

20141226-2014-12-26 21.49.16_blog

Todd baked his famous chocolate chip cookies for his office-mates.


More cookies for us.

20141225-2014-12-25 11.14.47_blog

On 12/7 we had our Elf Party


This scene was repeated over and over again during December.  Lit tree in a cozy corner, Noodle snuggling on Todd’s lap while Todd sits in his recliner, watching sports, movies, or playing video games.  I love this scene.

20141210-2014-12-10 21.34.52_blog

Noodle climbing up onto my belly and the two of us taking a nap together.

20141216-2014-12-16 14.34.40-1_blog

My Christmas lunch at Cheesecake Factory with the girls from work.


And our Secret Santa gift exchange.  I’m so thankful to have these women friends at work!

20141215-2014-12-15 12.18.21_blog

My department’s holiday lunch at work and our White Elephant gift exchange game.

20141218-2014-12-18 13.05.22_blog

Todd’s department Christmas potluck and white elephant gift exchange.



Todd and I celebrating him finishing a project at Ventana. 

20141216-2014-12-16 18.17.46_blog

The most awesome sunset you could see, in front of the Star of India ship on the harbor.

20141221-2014-12-21 17.02.46-1_blog

Going to the San Diego Parade of Lights on 12/21 on the harbor with AJ & Meera.

20141221-2014-12-21 17.41.07_blog

20141221-2014-12-21 17.41.21_blog

20141221-2014-12-21 18.29.12_blog

We got to see one decorated boat after another, sailing/motoring by.

20141221-2014-12-21 18.26.32_blog

The lit-up San Diego night time skyline wasn’t bad either.

20141221-2014-12-21 18.33.40_blog

Taking fun Santa bokeh photos in front of the tree lights.




Presents under the tree on Christmas Eve.


Christmas Eve dinner with Todd, my dad, and Shelly.

20141224-2014-12-24 18.15.09_blog

Going to see the neighborhood lights & decorations after dinner on Christmas Eve.

20141224-2014-12-24 19.28.42_blog





Watching “X-Men: Days of Future Past” after that at home.

Opening gifts together on Christmas morning.




Noodle wondering where all the Christmas gifts under the tree went.


Christmas lunch at Pacifica Del Mar.

20141225-2014-12-25 12.04.23_blog

20141225-2014-12-25 12.19.47_blog


Spending time at the beach on Christmas Day again, per our tradition.

20141225-2014-12-25 13.57.35_blog

Taking some time off work and enjoying our days.  Going to Point Loma Seafoods.

20141228-2014-12-28 12.56.31_blog

20141228-2014-12-28 13.05.49_blog

Going to The Cravory for scrumptious cookies.

20141228-2014-12-28 15.20.51_blog

Mounting the TV up to the wall in our workout room.

20141228-2014-12-28 17.36.57_blog

Going to Cinepolis on NYE and sitting in his & hers recliners to watch the movie “Into the Woods”.

20141231-2014-12-31 09.33.24_blog

Eating lunch afterwards at Burger Lounge, and getting cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.

20141231-2014-12-31 12.26.27_blog

It was a wonder-ful December.  One that I won’t soon forget.


  1. Thanks for sharing and for your continued inspiration. This year, I asked for and received the Lawn Fawn alpha dies that you discussed in one of your blog posts. ;)

    1. Oh yay, that's awesome Patty! I hope you enjoy them. This reminds me to pull mine out and use them more!

  2. This was such a joy to read. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday.

  3. Oh you had an awesome Dec!!!! Love all the pics!!!

  4. TFS. Looks like you had a wonderful December. Happy 2015, Christine.

  5. For being in warm weather, you really caught the Christmas spirit in your photos. Nice!

  6. Totally agree with Christi...pure JOY reading this post!! Every photo was perfect..and the smiles were even better! btw..countdown to February begins NOW!! So excited!

  7. That sunset is amazing! Wow. And I think my favorite picture of Noodle ever is him staring at the empty tree skirt. So glad you had a happy and magical December.

  8. You and Todd make the cutest elves ever. Glad to read that your holiday was filled with many happy memories to treasure.

  9. Glad you had a great holiday. I love the elf shirts. too stinkin' cute

  10. I am so thankful that we could be a part of these new fond memories. Love you both!

  11. I'm so glad that you had such a good Christmas season, Christine! Thank you for sharing all of the blessings you experienced. The parade of lights looked amazing!!

  12. OMGSH....LOVE that you enjoyed this December unlike Decembers past and LOVE how you did this little "summary" of the month!


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