Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Splash Of Fun

Last Saturday we had a church small group reunion at Jen & Steve’s house.  When we moved to San Diego in early 2000, we looked for a church to plug into, and also joined a “young married” small group.  At the start of the group it was just couples and nobody had kids.  After a couple of years that changed.  Finally the small group disbanded due to family changes.  However, our friendship remained, even though we see some of them a lot less often. 

Steve & Jen had a grotto and a waterslide added to their pool!  Saturday was so hot it was the perfect day for a pool party. It was hard to take a photo of the whole slide, but it goes all the way up the hill in their backyard! 

20140913-2014-09-13 15.22.30_blog

20140913-2014-09-13 15.22.42_blog

Our friends and their families.  Good times!

20140913-2014-09-13 16.07.39_blog

Todd & AJ

20140913-2014-09-13 16.42.28_blog

We each brought a little something to add to dinner.  Todd brought dessert of course.  (Apple Cinnamon Cake!) Steve grilled tri-tip and hot dogs.  AJ & Meera brought a salad.  Jennifer & Mike brought fruit.  It was an awesome time!  The kids seriously just kept going up the hill and down the slide, none-stop.  Even the adults loved it.

Last Wednesday we went to Burger Lounge for dinner to celebrate Todd being done with his “moonlighting” job.  He had been working at nights for a few weeks on a contract project, and it was finally done.  Todd loves Burger Lounge so we drove over after work for dinner.

20140910-2014-09-10 17.53.27_blog

20140910-2014-09-10 17.53.37_blog

This time I did a Todd Shot!

20140910-2014-09-10 17.53.45_blog

I got the Little Lounge burger and I think it’s funny how small it looked next to the fries we shared, ha!

We also cooked at home too, because I got my braces adjusted and soup is perfect for the day of the adjustment!  This is Cauliflower Soup

20140907-2014-09-07 18.50.27_blog

I worked on Project Life some this past weekend and the weekend before.

20140907-2014-09-07 21.01.30-2_blog

I bought Miss Tiina’s Unplanner on Etsy.  They are digital downloads and I printed them on really nice 32 lb printer paper.  The pages are nice and sturdy and writing does not show-through to the other side.  I love these “Weekly Docket” pages, which have a calendar week on the left, and different boxes on the right for to-do lists.  I separate them into Personal, Work, Scrapbook, Blog, and Clean.  Photo was taken at work under florescent lighting so it doesn’t do the printed planner pages justice. 

20140911-2014-09-11 13.47.04-1_blog

I got happy mail this week when my first Paper Issues Swag Bag came!  This is the September Swag Bag and it’s only $9.99!

20140911-2014-09-11 17.44.40-2_blog

Not only that, but you don’t have to subscribe.  Just put in the notes section of your order that you want to buy it one-time only.  Also, you can use my code LISTGIRL to save 20% off this and anything else in the Paper Issues store!  What a great deal!

This weekend I finally learned how to HTML-code my own gallery pages here at my blog.  I added a “Scrapbook Gallery” static page where you can find a thumbnail gallery of my scrapbook pages and they link back to the original post!


I also updated my Project Life Gallery with the same code, so that the thumbnail photos are much bigger now! 


If you’re reading my blog in Feedly or a reader, click over and check out the new galleries.  I’m really excited that I learned how to code it myself! :)  If you are interested in doing it on your own blog, check out this tutorial at Craftivity Designs, and this tutorial at Laura’s Crafty Life.  I combined the codes and made it my own.

Even though it’s been hot, Noodle has been enjoying some snuggle time with his humans.

20140907-2014-09-07 08.35.21_blog

20140913-2014-09-13 10.45.54_blog

20140915-2014-09-15 20.22.05_blog

And of course he loves his papasan time with his stuffed animals!

20140914-2014-09-14 15.22.51-1_blog

Who’s excited about the iPhone 6?  I didn’t pre-order it, but I will be getting mine! :)


  1. WOW I absolutely adore your new galleries, it's quite easier to find what I'm looking for and show it to my friends ;)
    and, the pool... fantastic!

    1. Thank you so much! I love the new galleries too!

  2. Love the galleries for inspiration for us and a great backup for you. iPhone 6 will be mine too, but I will wait for the craziness to die down.

  3. Thank you for introducing me to Paper Issues. I like the idea of ordering a swag bag when I want a little something new without the pressure of a monthly kit. I'll be ordering one this weekend!!

  4. I LOVE your galleries! What a cool idea!! I'd love to do something like that for myself someday...Your galleries look just plain fantastic :)


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