Thursday, September 4, 2014

Celebrating My Dad’s Big Birthday

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My dad turned the big 7-0 at the end of July.  But at that time he was traveling so we didn’t get to celebrate it with him until Saturday.  He and Shelly came down to San Diego and we got to celebrate with him at a nice lunch at the Hotel Del Coronado.  Shelly’s birthday was in July too, so it was a double-celebration.

I made lunch reservation at Sheerwater Restaurant inside the Hotel Del.  I’ve never eaten there before, but I’ve eaten at other Hotel Del restaurants and it was always yummy.  Our server was Gary and he was fantastic and attentive.  He knew my dad was celebrating his big birthday, because I had noted it when I made the reservation online.  But when I told him that it was Shelly’s birthday celebration too, he said they both get complimentary desserts!  And he took photos for us.


Birthday lunch is served!  We got seated on the outside covered patio with a view of the beach and ocean.  It was perfect.


I got the diver scallops over a roasted tomato, asparagus, and chickpea salad.  Yum!


Todd got a salad and a pizzeta.


Shelly got the cioppino.  It had a spice red tomato sauce she loved.


Shelly doing a Todd Shot!


My dad got the New England cod.


Birthday boy enjoying his lunch.


And a salad and lobster bisque soup for my dad & Shelly to share.



After our meal, it was time for my dad & Shelly to order their birthday desserts!  They got a lemon curd.


And a granny smith apple cobbler with ice cream.


They were nice enough to share them with us! 

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Of course by then we were all so full already, lol.

After lunch we walked around the Hotel Del Coronado and checked out the decorations.  Including this big chandelier in the main lobby.

20140830-2014-08-30 13.40.07_blog

And we walked on the beach boardwalk to check out the sights too.

20140830-2014-08-30 14.16.58_blog

I’m so glad my dad could come down for his birthday celebration, and that we could give him such a nice experience.  Here’s to many more years!


  1. It was surprisingly good food.

  2. Your blog posts are always so fun! Glad you got to enjoy a great day with your Dad!

  3. YAY! It's a 'Listgirl's Dad' post!! You know how much I love seeing his smile...he looks like such a happy guy!! 7-0??? Nah...doesn't look a day over 6-0! The food looked delish!! <3


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