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2014 Project Life | May


I tackled May Project Life with gusto.  Last Saturday I picked out photos, made collages, typed journaling, and printed out all the photos and digital-generated items.  Then Sunday I proceeded to finish all 7 pages.  It did take me most of the day, but it feels so good to be “caught up”.  (I do Project Life on a monthly basis, so finishing May before June ends is caught up.)

May page 1:  mostly about National Scrapbook Day and how I had my friends over to scrapbook with me.  And how I planned to tackle my Maui vacation album.


I used mostly items from the Studio Calico May Project Life kit Camelot.


May title pocket.


I typed journaling onto this photo in Photoshop before printing it out.


I printed out some of my 12x12 paper cutting guides really small so I can fit it in this 4x6 pocket.


Some stamping using Elle’s Studio Foodie stamps set. 



May page 2:  I received an incredible package from my friend Lili Niclass in Japan.  It was full of awesome products that she designed for Becky Higgins Project Life and Freckled Fawn.  San Diego gorgeousness.  Visiting my dad in LA.


I used journal cards from the BH Project Life Kiwi Edition, which Lili designed!  It’s one of my favorite PL core kits, but then again I love everything Lili designs!


I had to fill a pocket of a photo of all the goodies that Lili sent me, plus use some of the stuff she sent me.


Handwritten journaling around my photo collage of Moonlight Beach.  I actually created the photo collage on my phone and printed it to my Canon Selphy CP910 a while ago.  I love printing from my phone or iPad to the Selphy!  And since I was using journal cards that Lili designed, with her cute handwriting on it already, I decided to use one of her digital handwritten word art on my photo next to the journal card.  It all matches!  :)  (I used her 3x4 sentiment cards and used Photoshop to extract just the words and put it over my photo.)


The middle is a screenshot I took of my Jumpstart Week of blogging inspiration at Write.Click.Scrapbook.  If you missed my 5-day series of posts over there, you can click on them below to read them.

Jumpstart Week | Intro + Photos - how scrapbook pages are inspired by the PHOTOS we use.
Jumpstart Week | Colors - how COLORS can inspire a layout.
Jumpstart Week | Design - how page DESIGN can be a jumping off point to inspire your layout.
Jumpstart Week | Technique - trying a new technique is a great way to jumpstart a page.
Jumpstart Week | Story – how your STORIES can jumpstart your pages.


I just love how this page’s pockets look together.  :)



May page 3:  Mostly about my scrapbooking projects, with some Agents of SHIELD tv show and Noodle cuteness thrown in.


I used stuff from Amy Tangerine Plus One digital Project Life kit, plus Studio Calico Camelot PL kit and some embellishments from Freckled Fawn.



I stamped that polka dot background using Elle’s Studio Washi Tape stamp set.





May page 4:  mostly about our evacuation from the Bernardo Fire and the May wildfires in San Diego.  The season finale of The Mentalist.  Todd playing puzzles again. 


Used journal cards from Dear Lizzy Daydreamer Project Life mini kit.





I LOVE this photo of Noodle, sleeping in the papasan chair with his stuffed animals, so content after getting back from the fire evacuation.



May page 5:  an insert of our trip up north to Monterey, Carmel, & Pebble Beach.  I’m making a mini Handbook album of the trip, so I didn’t feel the need to fill pages of pockets in my PL album with the trip.  I created a 8.5x11 collage of photos in Photoshop, leaving a space in the middle for a strip of paper and embellishments.


I used my Lawn Fawn alphabet dies with a sheet of adhesive cork to make those “Adventure” letters!  So fun!  If you missed my post on DIY Glitter Foam Alphas using the same method, you can read it here.



May page 6:  lunch with the girls at work, Noodle cuteness, Pitch Perfect movie, running at the lake, breakfast at Snooze with Todd, and homemade chocolate ice cream.


Used stuff from Dear Lizzy Daydreamer PL mini kit, Studio Calico Camelot PL kit, and Elle’s Studio.


“So sweet” digital word art by Lili Niclass.



I used Freckled Fawn enamel dots on the ice cream card to look like sprinkles!





May page 7:  dinner + movie with Dejah & Roby, Todd’s new bike rack and riding with his friends, Todd rides his bike to work on National Bike To Work Day, lunch at Liang’s Kitchen, my running/fitness endeavors in May.


Used stuff from Elle’s Studio, Studio Calico, One Little Bird, Dear Lizzy, Lili Niclass.







Some notes from these May pages…

I made a lot of photo collages, many using Lili Niclass’ 4x6 Photo Collages No. 4


I love how these photo collages leave white space on the photos.  They make the photos really pop and leave some breathing room on the page too. 


I used a lot of screenshots from my computer and iPhone to document the stories.  From my blogging week at Write.Click.Scrapbook., to the movies and TV shows we watched, to the San Diego fires in May.  Using screenshots is awesome!


If you enjoyed looking at my pages and get inspiration from them, I would really love it if you would take time to leave me a comment.  When I blog my projects it can get discouraging to not receive comments, especially since it takes me hours to put the photos and post together.  Your comments go a long way to encourage me to keep sharing on my blog.  Thank so much!


  1. I absolutely love your pages! Great idea about the photo collage, I always am unsure what to do when I'm making a separate mini album and how much I should include in PL. I feel the same way about comments, I try to comment on all the blogs I read pretty regularly, but I know I'm not always the best at it. Thanks for sharing your pages, I absolutely love the inspiration!

  2. Great tip about screen shots for news & TV shows. I love your PL pages & following all your adventures + Noodle. Your blog is one of my favorites.

  3. Hi Christine, Love your pages - and I'm so inspired by how many you finished in a day! I have very similar journaling for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Pitch Perfect in our album - two of my favorites. Thanks for all you efforts to share you work! ~Leslie

  4. I always love seeing your work! As a matter of fact you've totally inspired me to get caught up this weekend with my project life its the first time I've let myself get this far (2mths) behind so I need all the help I can get.

  5. This is so Awesome, Christine!!! I can't believe you did all those pages in a day! Way to go! Thanks so much for your sweet words. You rocked those embellishments. You are amazing!
    I love how colorful your spreads are and all the details you always add to your pages. It makes them so unique and so you! Thanks for sharing. :) Oh, and I need to check out those shows you watch. Sounds exciting! xoxo

  6. You know, you are one of the two scrappers that inspired me to begin my PL... I mentioned your name in my blog, in a post on PL (and often in my daily life with my friends), for this reason, and for me you are always an inspiration. I read your blog every day and in these years I grew fond of you and your life, I like you a lot, non only as a scrapper, but I think you are a great person.
    I love your PL, I'd like mine to be as colorful and cool as yours... I try ;)
    Thanks for sharing! <3

  7. Wow! These spreads are amazing! I love all the details and everything you've done here! Love seeing you layouts here on your blog. Thanks for sharing! :)

  8. I have only recently stumbled across your blog and I am so glad that I did!! I struggle with my PL and realized I can't possibly do weekly spreads. I get disappointed in myself and my PL often but your layouts have been a true inspiration for me! Thank you so very much for sharing. I enjoy your layouts. I also use the Studio Calico PL kit and it's so nice to see how you incorporate the kit into your PL. THANK YOU!!!

  9. Thank you all so much for the encouragement! ♥

  10. Live how your pages always look so well put together! I am determined to learn PSE so I can use photo templates. Love how those turned out. Thanks for taking the time to blog your pages. I always enjoy seeing them and get inspired to work on my PL album.

  11. Well, if anything, blogging about your pages kind of gives you another backup for your pages.. I've experienced two fire evacuations. Both times I took my Scrapbooks and my pets. Most of my pages are not digital. So if something happens to my house I am screwed. One of these days I will have to scan all of my pages.

  12. Wow what an action packed month. I have stopped PL as I just got so far behind. I am a bit sad tbh but I just cannot seem to find the time to do it justice especially as I have to send my photos out for printing. Love seeing how you put it all together.

  13. Once again, just have to say I love your PL pages! Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Hi, I really love your pages. I came across your PL a few weeks ago, I go back and forth over your pass pages. I really like how you put them together. I like how you journal about your cat up to the places you eat.
    I am doing PL. I started it in June, and I'm up to the week of July 6-12. I did have a few Jan pages, but found it hard enough to keep up with the weeks I'm living in now.
    I like how you describe what you have done too, and found I do a few things similar. Not exactly the same, but I found I do like to embellish my pages a lot. I think I could get more done if I cut back a little.
    Also, I'm doing more like layouts. I find it hard to do a whole week for two pages. Mine are more like two pages for one day. It's insane.
    Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration and I hope to see more. :)

    P.S. I also like to make list and have them for everything.
    Sorry about the deleted post above. I don't comment often, & I'm kind of shy. So, I added, & rewrote some things.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to comment! I appreciate it.


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