Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Solstice


Todd and I have a tradition of taking the day off on Summer Solstice each year and spending it outside having fun.  After all, spending the longest daylight of the year inside working at a desk does not seem appropriate!  This year Summer Solstice fell on a Saturday (6/21) so we didn’t have to take a day off work.  But we did go to Del Mar so we could dine al fresco and look at the beautiful ocean view.

We had an ocean view lunch at Pacifica Breeze in Del Mar.

20140621-2014-06-21 12.50.22-1_blog

I already had breakfast at home, but since we arrived at Pacifica Breeze right before noon, they said we could order from both the breakfast AND the lunch menus!  So I had the asparagus & brie omelet with potatoes.

20140621-2014-06-21 12.18.25_blog

And coffee of course.

20140621-2014-06-21 12.03.25_blog

Todd had a chipotle chicken salad.

20140621-2014-06-21 12.18.29_blog

Both was super-yummy.  We love it there.

This was a funny attempt at a selfie with the Timer Cam app on my phone.

20140621-2014-06-21 12.04.35_blog

Todd enjoying his lunch.

20140621-2014-06-21 12.18.36_blog

I loved my second breakfast of the day!

20140621-2014-06-21 12.18.47_blog

After lunch, we walked over to the balcony in the same plaza to see more beautiful views of the ocean.

20140621-2014-06-21 12.46.06_blog

20140621-2014-06-21 12.46.10_blog

I pointed out to Todd that Del Mar Pizza is right there underneath the palm trees, and that it was my friend Pearl’s favorite pizza.

20140621-2014-06-21 12.50.22-1_blog

Since Todd had just run 10 miles that morning, he didn’t need more convincing that he wanted to eat a second lunch at Del Mar Pizza. 

20140621-2014-06-21 13.05.23_blog

So guess what?  I had two breakfasts and Todd had two lunches on Summer Solstice.  What better way to spend the longest daylight of the year, right?!

20140621-2014-06-21 13.30.51_blog

PS – I love spending summer solstice NOT at work.  On Summer Solstice 2004, my friend Meera and I went downtown and I got my belly button pierced.  Yes, it’s still pierced and I have a ring in it.  :p


  1. That is definitely a fun way to spend the day, I forgot to even notice summer solstice this year! I'm too immersed in my bar studying I suppose.

    1. Yes, I'm sure you've been totally immersed in studying for the bar exam! Way to go staying so focused!

  2. What a fantastic idea! I love summer solstice, though at the same time it's a bit of a bummer for me since the days get shorter afterward!

    1. I know! I try not to think about the days getting shorter already!


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