Monday, July 7, 2014


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Last week was Todd’s “jaycation”!  A couple of months ago, the CEO of the company that Todd works at announced that he was giving every employee the entire week of June 30th to July 4th off as paid time leave.  The company had excellent results and he thought this was a good way to reward employees.  Plus, he said this way nobody goes back to work after time off and has to deal with a bunch of emails and tasks, because nobody was working that week!  The CEO’s name is Jay, thus the employees appropriately deemed last week “jaycation”.  :-)  Unfortunately, the week was month-end, quarter-end of me, which is the busiest time of the month/quarter for me as a financial analyst.  So I could not take the days off.  However, we made the best of it!

On Tuesday 7/1, we went down to Hillcrest to Ortegas for Happy Hour after work!  Ortegas is one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego.  In fact, we went there for my birthday this year.  And their happy hour is awesome!  I got the Cabrillo Margarita.

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We shared the guacamole.  They make it right in front of you on the table.  This is the real good stuff, not the watered down stuff.  In fact, no water or liquid in there at all.

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Two shrimp tacos with beans for only $5.95 during happy hour!  If there’s one thing I love even more than great food is a great deal.

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Todd started and finished another puzzle during “jaycation”.


On Wednesday 7/2 we met our friends Shannon & Ryan for dinner at Spices Thai Café.  We hadn’t seen them in a while so it was fun to catch-up!

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I had the green curry shrimp and it was phenomenal!

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On Thursday 7/3, I took a lunch break and went to Jake’s Del Mar with Todd for lunch.  Jake’s is right on the beach and I had never actually eaten there before.  Todd has been there before with some coworkers years ago.

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We got to Del Mar early so we walked around for a few minutes and enjoyed the views.

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The restaurant is right on the beach.

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We shared a Burrata & Heirloom Tomato Salad.

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I had grilled tuna salad.  When it came it didn’t look like this, but I moved the eggs and potato and it became a face, ha ha!

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Todd had Herb Garlic Grilled Salmon.

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The food was good but not great.  I told Todd that if this restaurant in this location had phenomenal food, then nobody would be able to get in because of the long lines. 


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After lunch the sun went away, which was weird!  The clouds really rolled in during lunch. 

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On July 4th (Independence Day for the USA), Todd went cycling along the coast.


We had lunch at home.

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And we made Tuscan Potato Soup for dinner.  SO good! 

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On Sat 7/5, we went to the newly opened Saks Off 5th to check it out.  This store is so great for Todd.  He has a hard time finding jeans that fit him because of his skinny waist and long legs.  All the designer brands fit him but most of the time that’s way too expensive.  Saks had a 40% off sale on all jeans.  Todd scored a couple of nice pairs! 

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On Sunday we went running at the lake.  It was super-sunny and hot already at 8:30am.  But so beautiful.

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Me stretching after the run.


Noodle enjoyed the “jaycation” week as well.  He got to hang out with Todd a lot.



Todd got him a scratching box.  But apparently it’s more like a “napping box”.

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And of course there was perch relaxing time.

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Jaycation suited all of us just fine!


  1. Wow, Todd has an awesome boss! good to see that you guys made the most of it. I wish I had Todd's skinny waist and long leg problem. Have a great week!

    1. Hi Kym! Yes, I know, I don't have that skinny waist long-legged problem, ha ha.

  2. Wow, what a great CEO to give everyone a "jaycation." Sorry you could not be off with him. I see that he had good company - Noodle kept him company. San Diego is so beautiful. It's no wonder my niece decided to go to UCSD over UC Irvine this fall.

    1. UCSD is beautiful. Perfect place to go to college! I actually got into 5 UCs (Berkeley, Davis, UCLA, Santa Barbara, and UCSD) coming out of high school, but ended up at Ohio State! Both UCSD or UCSB would be great locations!


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