Sunday, September 1, 2013

On The Go: End of Summer Edition

I know that technically summer doesn’t end until Sept. 21, but when Labor Day rolls around and football starts, it feels like the end of summer.  We’ve enjoyed lots more activities being out and about, so let’s get to them!  :-)

Last Saturday 8/24 was our local American Cancer Society’s Bark For Life fundraiser.  Todd was part of the planning committee and was the master of ceremony at the event.  This is very similar to the “Relay for Life” events, except it’s only a few hours and you can bring your dogs for the walk.

The MC


The teams and dogs heading out for the walk.

Then that afternoon, we headed to Todd’s company’s picnic.  It was on the campus of the company and it was very well organized with lots of fun for the kids.

Lots of jump houses!

They set up a big tent and lots of tables under umbrellas for seating.



They had a mashed potato bar.  You can top it with different things.  This one was mushroom gravy, chives, and bacon. 

Chicken skewer and pulled beef sliders.

They had even more food, but we didn’t partake of them all.  It was really nice selection of foods!

I got to see the new amphitheater.

Their campus is big with five buildings and lots of fun stuff like running water streams and ponds.


And I got to see where the smarty-pants does his computer-programming magic.

On Sunday evening 8/25, we went to the Ira Liss Big Band Jazz Machine concert at Bernardo Winery.  We went to it last year and loved it, so we did it again this year.  We got there when it was starting at 6:30 and it was still light out.

20130825-IMG_0235.JPG (2)_600

Then as we enjoyed the music and a glass of wine, it got darker…

And finally it was dark and completely magical under the lights. 

College football started this past Thursday.  We switched between several games, going back and forth to enjoy them all.

And we made homemade grilled steak (carne asada) tacos with pico de gallo. 

It was so good!

On Friday evening we picked up Phil’s BBQ for dinner at our friends AJ & Meera’s house.  Meera has been on bedrest in her last month of pregnancy, so she was excited when I proposed this get-together.
20130830-IMG_0240.JPG (2)_600

I got to eat Phil’s BBQ for the first time since starting Weight Watchers on 7/1.  Every bite was delicious.

And I love hanging out with Meera, she’s the best!

Saturday morning was the first football Saturday of the college football season, which means our favorite tradition of waking up and watching ESPN College Gameday in bed.

And Todd’s tradition of eating a double-batch of popcorn while watching the Ohio State game.  This was half air-popped and half whirly-popped.

Ohio State scored lots on Buffalo early on in the game.  They ended up winning 40-20.

Then it was time to head to Anne & Gilbert’s house to watch the VA Tech vs. Alabama game.  Poor VA Tech got to play Alabama for their season opener!  Good snacks and football with good friends is the best!


I wanted to see if I could do Project Life photos just on my iPad, without the computer.  So I created a 4x6 collage using the Diptic app (had to pay 99 cents to get non-squared aspect ratios, like the 4x6), and then sent it straight to my printer using AirPrint.  On and I also ran some filters on the whole collage in the PicTapGo HD app.  I like it except that the printer cuts off the white borders on the photo unevenly.  I get much better control on how my printer prints from my computer.  But in a pinch this this convenient and will do!

I got a new pair of Nike Free 5.0 running shoes.  This is my 4th pair of Nike Frees and this pair feels great!

I took the new shoes and new Nike running skirt out for a run last Sunday and they feel great.  20130825-IMG_1458_600

The only thing was I had to cut my run short because I got out too late and it was hot.  Hot and hilly by my house is not a good combo.

A smoothie is an awesome after-running snack.  Todd made two of these, one for me and one for him.
This was frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, banana, vanilla protein powder, soy milk, and some water.  Delicious.

Speaking of yum, why didn’t anyone tell me about these awesome plum + apricot hybrids (plumcots, pluots, etc.)??  They are delicious!  I just discovered them last week.

Love this stamp from Ann-Marie Morris

I did Day In The Life on Friday.  This was me at work, crunching numbers.  I don’t usually smile at my Excel spreadsheets, but couldn’t help smiling because it was Friday before a long weekend.

And no update would be complete without some Noodle antics. 

This might be my new favorite Noodle photo yet!

This one is rather cute too.

I don’t understand this.  I gave him a perfectly good bed by the window, yet he has to hang out on the desk next to my Silhouette machine.  Strange cat.

Helping me organize the papers on my desk.

Flirting with me.  Always when I have to leave for work.

Sitting with Todd watching football.

And adding to the general décor of the room.
20130830-IMG_0243.JPG (2)_600

Have a great Labor Day, my US friends!  Have fun and be safe!


  1. You and Todd always seem to have so much fun! Phillip was really excited for college football to be back, though there wasn't an ASU game this week so I wasn't that interested. The smoothie looks delicious! I'm going to start running this fall + I think I'm going to mix smoothies into my routine :)

  2. Glad you could join us for the season opener, even if it didn't go so well for our Hokies.


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