Monday, June 11, 2012

In May…


In May…

  • I ran 31 miles. So far in 2012 I’ve run 175 miles, so I’m on track with my 366 mile goal for the year.  May was my lowest running mileage, but I was also going to the physical therapist for my right leg IT band soreness issues, so I think 31 miles is a victory.
  • On top of running, I walked 6 miles.  That’s not very much compared to previous months, but all these are fit in during work breaks.
  • I spent 9 hours and 29 minutes exercising.  My least number of hours in a month so far in 2012, by far.
  • We cooked 17 meals at home.  This also led to leftovers for lunch, which is awesome. 
  • I lost zero pounds. May I just wasn’t watching my carbs as much as I did in April.  Time to be more vigilant again.  
  • We took 856 photos.
  • Crafting took over my life and I didn’t read hardly at all.  Time to get cracking on some books again.
  • Movies watched:  I think the only movie we saw in May was “The Avengers”, but oh it was a great one!
  • I journaled online daily at Oh Life 31 times.  Haven’t missed a day this year.
  • I journaled in my Moleskine daily planner 31 times.
  • Went to the running specialist physical therapist 3 times.  Now I have an arsenal of exercises I can do at home to strengthen and improve my IT band. 
  • I finished four more weeks of Project Life in my album.
  • Todd conducted a seminar on Mental Flexibility, thus earning him the Advanced Communicator Gold title with Toastmasters International. 
  • I made progress on the crocheted chevron afghan. More rows were added!
  • I ate steel-cut oats for breakfast almost every day.
  • I downloaded and started using the Momento App for memory keeping.
  • The book I contributed to, “Everyday Storyteller”, had its launch party and is now available.
  • I celebrated National Scrapbooking Day by receiving a big box of scrap goodies from Stop and Scrap.
  • We finally bought the Canon 28mm F/1.8 lens that we’ve been wanting.
  • I had lunch with my best friend Meera.
  • We had dinner at Smashburger with Pete & Cass.
  • Lots of running outside in the sunshine.
  • Went to the new Point Loma Seafoods building and enjoyed a halibut sandwich.  So good!
  • Had dinner at Chile Peppers with Anne & Gilbert.
  • Diablo III finally came out and Todd was beyond excited! He even stayed after work to play with friends.
  • I re-discovered IncrediBooth app and took lots of photobooth-style photos.
  • Todd attended the Toastmasters Conference at Catamaran Resort.
  • I went to my first live scrapbooking class with Amy Tan at Paper Tales and loved it. 
  • I made my first 12x12 hybrid scrapbooking page.
  • We had dinner with Ashley at Amaya when she came to visit.
  • We ate a TON of strawberries.  So sweet and juicy when in season!
  • Todd made Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies.
  • We had dinner with Dan at Fidels when he came in town.
  • I took 3 days off work and enjoyed them all.  Too bad they flew by so fast!
  • Pete & Cass came over for dinner.
  • I painted my toenails blue.
  • We celebrated Todd’s Toastmasters achievements with dinner at Pacifica Del Mar.  Went to the beach afterwards and took some sunset photos.  It was awesome.
  • We tried the Indian buffet at Tandoori Hut for the first time.
  • I got the new John Mayer CD, “Born and Raised”.
  • We went to dinner with Yaiza & Karsten at The Fishery.


  1. Fantastic post! What amazing strides in running and I totally need to get the new John Mayer CD :)

  2. i love recaps like this! i do the same every month and just realized i missed February.

    p.s. all of your working out is totally motivating me:)

  3. Wow! Where the heck did May go? Blink and you missed it ... even with all the activities you always manage to cram it ;-)

  4. Love the recap, it's amazing how much I forget if I don't put everything down. I had problems with my IT band back when I was running more. Now I can only do 2-4 miles each time I run, :( so make sure you take care of yourself.

  5. You know, these posts are really making me feel like I should give this a try next year.

  6. Do you sleep? I know you eat. But do you sleep? LOL


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