Wednesday, June 27, 2012


There are a couple of items of wackiness from the past couple of weeks that deserve their own blog post. 

First, we went to dinner at Kappa Sushi on Wednesday 6/20, because it was Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year.  We usually take the day off so we don’t spend the longest day of the year at work, but this year we went to work because we were already taking days off to go to Santa Barbara the week after.

The bento box was super-yummy.

However, in the middle of dinner, wackiness ensued.  While we were eating, a news crew with big cameras and lights came in, along with a couple of really big guys.  I knew right away they were football players.  They sat at a big table behind Todd.  Pretty soon more HUGE guys arrived.  Turns out about 9 guys showed up, all huge.  And from hearing them talk, we figured out that they were all part of the San Diego Chargers (NFL football) defensive line.  20120620-IMG_0853_600

They got into our space even.  Intruders during dinner!

The news channel was doing an interview with them.  Did I say these guys were HUGE? 



The best part of the evening? They made one of them sing.  The big guys started chanting "Logan, Logan, Logan..." and incited all of us to chant as well.  Logan Harrell stood up and asked what should he sing?  The woman at the table next to us said "Don't Stop Believing".  He started singing it but didn't know the words, so Todd helped him, LOL.  Almost the whole place was singing “Don’t Stop Believing”. 

The other wacky item of note occurred on Saturday 6/23.  Todd participated in his second annual Red Dress Run, organized by the Hash House Harriers.  You can read about last year’s Red Dress Run on his blog.  Basically, Todd loves to participate in wacky races.  The wackier, the better.  You can read about his Krispy Kreme Challenge, and the Muddy Buddy too.

Photos from this year’s Red Dress Run.  Here they were, crashing a wedding.

Todd in his red dress, and my purse to hold his regular clothes, LOL.  In case you’re wondering… Forever 21 baby.   

Mission Beach was inundated by red dresses.  Wacky.
So that’s it for the wackiness for now.  You’re all caught up.


  1. Dinner looks yummy. I guess every now and then "intruders" during dinner are okay. :)

    That race definitely looks like a wacky race. Looks like Todd had a lot of fun.

  2. Had to pop on and say I snorted out loud seeing Todd's pictures in the red dress. I think this needs it's own insert in Project Life with a HUGE photo!

  3. So fun! Love the red's a good color for him.

    I guess it's kinda difficult to complain about people in your bubble when the people belong on an NFL defensive line. Those guys are HUGE!

    Never a dull moment in SD..


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