Sunday, February 5, 2012

Running in the San Diego Sunshine

We moved to San Diego in mid-December 1999.  There’s no way to describe the joyousness at moving from Ohio to San Diego in mid-December, and suddenly wearing shorts with sunshine on your face all the time.  In fact, no joke, when we got into our rental car at the airport, the first song we heard on the radio in San Diego was Jimmy Cliff’s “Bright Sunshiny Day”.  We took it as a sign that we made the right move.  :)

Yesterday was like one of those days.  We usually do our long runs on Saturdays and yesterday we decided to go down to Liberty Station and run from there via Harbor Drive towards downtown.  It’s about as scenic a run as you can get around here.  And it was sunny and 70 degrees.

All photos while running were taken with my Blackberry. I don’t have room in my running pouch for more than a key and my Blackberry.  If I put my little Canon camera in there then I can’t carry my phone with me.  Phone is more important on long runs than getting a good photo, so I choose my Blackberry.  The photos aren’t too bad and they capture the story well enough.

We started running from the canal at Liberty Station.


Then we crossed the foot bridge and got on Harbor Drive.  Running along this stretch was very scenic.

Todd and I don’t run at the same pace so I didn’t see him at all during the run, except for the first minute or so.  This was the scenery near my turnaround point.  I could see downtown across the water.

A couple of cruise ships were in dock.

More sunshine and more downtown views.

I ended up running 5.57 miles.  I ate a vanilla GU at the mid-point turnaround.  My legs felt slightly tired and it was warm for running, but I felt pretty good overall.

Afterwards, we headed over to Point Loma Seafoods, our favorite seafood place in San Diego.  It was very crowded at 12:30pm.  We found the last open table outside in the sunshine.  Todd got his favorite halibut sandwich.

I got the special, which was Maine lobster roll.  Oh goodness.  I would run 5 miles every day for a lobster roll!

One of my favorite views.  When you turn from Harbor Drive onto Laurel, you get this view.

Awesome day for running yesterday.  Today we’re gearing up for Super Todd III, which is the third time we’ve had a party to celebrate Todd’s birthday and Super Bowl at the same time.  Lots of friends will be here and we’re having catered Mexican food.  It should be awesome!  :)

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